Wrapping it all up....

Wrapping it all up....
Tue Mar 8, 2005 13:56

First some facts covered in the stunning new book Armageddon 9:11 -

Did you know that JFK was assassinated exactly 13 months after he gave a world televised speech during the 13 days of October?

Did you know that the 3-11-04 Madrid Train Bombings occured exactly 911 days after 9-11-01 which was also the 19th anniversary of Mikhail Gorbechev's inauguration as Soviet Secretary General? Gorby is indeed a dear friend of the Bush Crime Family and a common enemy of all the rest of us freedom lovers in the West.

Did you know 9-11-01 was the 60th anniversary of the Pentagon, the 30th anniversary of Nikita Krushchev's assassination, the 29th anniversary of the first act of global terrorism when 11 athletes were killed at the 1972 Munich Games, and the 11th anniversary of a Bush I speech?

Did you know that the Space Shuttle Columbia was intentionally sacrificed exactly 11 years after a Bush I Feb 1st, 1992 UN speech where he stated Americans will soon pledge their allegience to the United Nations Charter?

Did you know that the devil worshipping international banking family dynasties who hijacked America in 1913 have been manipulating history using satantic numerology and celebrating anniversary dates of these staged tragedies in our >>>"history"examples.

If you can't afford the print copy of this incredibly stunning book (which the author Eric Rainbolt highly recommends so you

can show others away from a computer screen) then here it is from free as a PDF download:


It is also given away for free on http://www.JackBlood.com ,
http://www.threeworldwars.com , and http://www.cremationofcare.com  The only cost is your willingness to share this critical information with others.

Here is a PDF of the press release which contains a longer summary of facts:


On top of all that here is a 55 minute (3.2mb) MP3 of the Amazing Jack Blood show that discussed the new book and a prediction about the soon coming pandemic and medical martial law that was made from knowing their plan and occult numerology that came true:


You might have not previously known that our country was in such deep doo-doo but it is! The American people will see find themselves as hapless as the American Indians were against the original invaders they faced when America was been colonized by the European settlers swooping in from abroad 220 years ago.

Like it says in Daniel's prophecy in his vision of the end-time beast, soon the "giant bear" with 3 ribs currently in its mouth will be said unto it "Go Eat Your Fill Of Flesh!". Likewise a primarily (NATO) Soviet-Russian-Slovak, Chinese, and Korean invasion force will probably soon be let in to invade America wearing blue UN helmets with bio-weapons gear and high tech infrared detection and laser weaponry; herding the then helpess American citizenry onto rail cars and into concentration camps in order the banks can seize all their property including their children.

The international banking system that hijacked America long ago and control everything with money they print and the power has set this up over time: "Anuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum (means) Announcing the Birth of the New World Order". The age old Conspiracy knew way back who controls the money system controls everything. Now in the year 2005 they control most of the minds of people all around the world - because people continue to give their power to them in exchange for money! The police around the world are acting as the mob for this international crime cable.

The devil runs the show here on Earth folks, just like it is stated in I John 5:19! It is time to wake up to what is really going on! Even if The People rose up and there was a revolution tomorrow in America, We'd still need the combined help of the rest of the world to stop our real international banking enemies of freedom from continuing to terrorize us and get us into all these horrible wars...

As nothing appears shocking to people anymore people need to be reminded of what one of our nations founding father's wrote:

" Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to accidental opinion of the day; but a Series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and persued unalterably through every change of ministers (administrations) plainly PROVES a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing us to slavery. " - Thomas Jefferson

ps. Alex Jones does not even seem to understand the scope magnitude of waht is going on. It is not contained in his new film 911 Martial Law. The devil worpshippers will ultimately force the mark of the beast and produce a 666 numbered antiChrist.

Those who refuse the mark and pray and wait for Jesus's return will be blessed with eternal life in Our Father's Kingdom to come. Then the Beast and its follows will be throw into a lake of fire as it is written. This is God's Will and the purpose he has for us according the the Bible Book of Revelation. There is no truth in doubting it.

Yours Truly,
Eric Rainbolt
Austin Texas
http://www.911exposed.com  (Armageddon 9:11 in print is available here)


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