Investigating Curious Evidence---

Investigating Curious Evidence—
Wed Mar 9, 2005 14:44

Investigating Curious Evidence—
A group interested in gathering and studying evidence of government misrepresentation or misapplication of law, especially in the area of taxation.

The ICE Archive CD has shipped, and the reviews are coming in. Everyone loves it!

Here are just a few of the comments folks have offered:

"Very nice appearance and functions quite well. The search engine is amazingly fast."

"Well done. This CD is very well put together with a huge amount of good information. The search feature works well."
—Richard L., Washington

"Well arranged and easy to find my way around. What a big job. This is too good to lose down the memory hole. Thank you so much."
—Mary K., Tennessee

"You have done a remarkable job! I will use this for research as I do lots of that."
—Thomas S., Georgia

"Outstanding job arranging the complex data. Your set up for accessibility is user friendly. I had no trouble finding items."
—Justin O., Minnesota

"All I can Say Is 'Wow!'"
—David T., Georgia

The Archive contains over 6,500 pages of irreplaceable commentary, articles and salient insight, collected and painstakingly filtered for accuracy and relevance over the past half decade. And, the best part—they're all fully searchable and indexed by date, subject and topic.

We'll all miss the excellent and on-point writings by ICE, but they're now attractively packaged and preserved for review by you and your family and friends.

At only $25 plus shipping & handling, the price is very reasonable. To place your order or for more information, click here:

Take care, and we'll see you down the trail!

Jeff Bowman
ICE Archive CD
The professionally-produced ICE Archive CD contains indexed and fully searchable versions of both the ICE website and the ICE Bucket mailing list.

Hot topics include:
Income Tax
Court Decisions
Property Rights Issues
Federal Reserve/Money System
Federal Jurisdiction/States' Rights
Countless hours of legal research
Intelligent timely commentary and discussion on these

...and all of the other interesting things you enjoyed reading about at the time.


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