The coming pandemic plague is all staged! It is no accident!
Fri Mar 4, 2005 13:54

The coming pandemic plague is all staged! It is no natural accident! It seems the propaganda is still being 'bought'/believed.

The flu pandemic is staged NWO conspiracy for medical martial law quarantine control and depopulation... it is about that simple.... This was predicted to occur when it has - announced on 2/22/2005 (all the digits add up to "13" and the biblical clue of 1260 days was given to us in Revelation.)

This whole world is doomed because people are serving money more than each other.

Believe me, I just wish people would wake up to the fact that not only is Masonic and occultic symbology everywhere, but the entire history of the world has
been manipulated and warped and 'architected' to numerological specifications. If that is not newsworthy,
then I imagine were are just all pretty blind. (like Ostriches despite those big pretty eyes of theirs.)

Please see the free ebook on this available at and (printed version)

please download and see this video as well - mostly - share this information with others:

This information is not going to go anywhere unless you help move it.

I tell you this truth I have discovered though. This
information is so shocking, many people will simply not will want to believe it despite the incredible array of facts - so most will not even want to read the book even though it is offered to them at no charge. It is interesting - it won't offend them, but many will let it slip in one ear and quickly out the other...

People seem to like be mildly enslaved - but abhor the thought of being massively enslaved on a world-wide scale. However - surprise! Soon they will be releasing the deadly hin1-Influenza-A plague on us - getting us under "Medical martial Law" while still trying to pose as our friendly saviours! Wake up to the fact that he money system is the root of the whole NWO conspiracy! People serve money more - not each others - so great evil is erupting!

Jesus Christ said the truth will set us free. This is
how it goes, the whole truth leads us all to wholeheartedly
acknowledge the fact that we need him to return - for this
house has gone selfishly and massively insane. That is the truth. So when enough people feel this in their hearts, Our Father will send Him back to us, and only then will we be set free.

Yours truly,
Eric Rainbowlt

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