February 28: Just another sad date in American History

February 28: Just another sad date in American History
Thu Mar 3, 2005 15:45


J. Croft

In the above picture I depict ATF "agents" assaulting a rural church with everything they got, and having a good time about it. The picture itself is a satirical comment on the nature of our current government, and if anyone's had any dealings with federal agents, the bootleg usage of Beavis and Butthead is entirely appropriate for the bottom feeding scum that compose most of their ranks.

The event itself: February 28, 1993, Mount Carmel, the Branch Davidian church and it's raid by a hundred buttheads, is tragic. The federal agents shot first and only asked questions after a righteous hail of defensive fire from the victims drove them back.

The tragedy became all the more horrific when the FBI was called in to salvage the "image"' of the federal government and laid down a brutal siege that ended with the extermination of the victims by fire and cyanide gas created when the "nonlethal" CS gas was ignited.

That horror was made all the worse with the systematic whitewash conducted by the Clinton Administration that made every excuse they could to justify going after 81 American Citizens in such a hardcore manner. They made excuses about a meth lab and child rape-and had a firearms regulatory agency "investigate". They made excuses about the need for fully armed military tanks and helicopters. They made excuses about the need to systematically torture the victims with continuous loud noises and cutting off water-to children! They made excuses for torching the place-with children inside.

Do you know what the worst part of this tragedy is? The worst part is that nobody did anything to stop them. The government murdered those people as a show of force to scare us-and we let them get away with it. We desperately accepted their excuses, so that we wouldn't have to come face to face with the evil that has grown into the terminal cancer of tyranny choking our nation-choking our world! We valued our gently deteriorating way of life over standing up for our rights yet once again. We chose our gently deteriorating way of life; our trashy entertainments, our welfare, our current comfort over setting right what has gone horrificly wrong.

It's part of the real American Way. Common folks buying the excuses and lies to retain what they got and not facing down the evil oppressing their fellow man, that's a American tradition going back to the acceptance of stealing this land from the Native Americans and tolerating British Aristocracy importing Africans and poor Europeans as slaves. It's a tolerance, a denial of elites inflicting suffering onto others who are "different" that clashes with the popular notion in this country that we are willing to fight for freedom.

Our own elites crushed a righteous rebellion in rural Pennsylvania in the 1790's and ironically gave birth to the very government agency that would start the war against the Branch Davidians two centuries later. Those same elites kept expanding the United States across the Continent, and crushed all that opposed them. Elites brutally crushed populist movements to organize unions with deadly force, and the common folks accepted the lie that their fellow men in the movements were communist or whatever. They accepted the ever enroaching government controls of licensing and regulating that steals one's freedom. And for the most part, common people failed to see this fundamental truth: it is necessary to oppose evil at the first sight of it.

We haven't. We haven't come close to trying as a people-and history WILL judge us for that failing.

Some however, some people do see and do what they can to oppose evil. The civil rights movement in the 60's springs to mind, as does the antiwar movement when it wasn't being hijacked by fabian socialists. Your average soldier, fighting for America, does so but does it all too blindly. There are organizations and individuals on the internet who labor mightily to awaken America. They stand for freedom and justice. They are on both sides of the "left-right political paradigm". They are as yet too few and too marginalized by the elites, cut off in large part to fair media access to reach most Americans. Yet they fight on.

We as awakened Americans, it is each of us, our individual and collective responsibility to recognize the war we are forcibly cast in over the destiny of the Earth and the Human Race. To fight the evil enslaving us all and crush it, forever. It is easy to see this evil, just look at what people accomplish.

If someone or an organization proposes something that winds up robbing people of their too hard earned wages, they're part of the evil whether they realize it or not.

If someone or an organization proposes or does something that winds up robbing people of their personal property, they're part of the evil.

If someone or an organization proposes or does something that robs people of their right to personal arms for the protection of themselves, their families, and their nation as part of the unorganized militia, they're definitely part of the evil oppressing us all. And it's been proven that such victimizers hypocritically go armed themselves!

And if someone or an organization proposes laws that steal your inalienable rights for whatever excuse, it's a no brainer they're evil.

And there's so much interlocking evil to fight you say? There's so many of us, a division of labor is automatic; figure out which evil pisses you off the most and go after it with everything you've got. Believe me, when you are in the fight and wage war against the enemy in a righteous cause God will help you unlock strengths and skills you had no ideal you even had. That's how weakened Humanity has become due to the poisonous evils in every level of this civilization.

There are ways to fight evil-individually and collectively. Each one of us can hand a informative or inspiring book or video or pamphlet to a stranger or even tuck it in a popular book at a library(an ideal that gives me a sweet little plan-I'll write it up in another article). We can learn how to use a rifle competently out to 500 yards and pass that vital knowledge onto others. We can attend our town hall meetings and monitor our elected officials. We can prepare for our own survival when America is subjected to it's long planned collapse-stock up on foodstuffs, basic tools, 19th and 20th century knowledge of making things. We can network, get more people to wake up.

Collectively… we can act in unison. We could move to a small rural town that has good resources surrounding it, register to vote and in the next election take over. Accomplishing that, we could repeal all property tax laws, eliminate many of the regulations choking America-as a lot is done locally. We can make such a small town an example, a bastion of Freedom in the land, inspiring others to do likewise. And with control of the local apparatus of power, resistance to federal atrocities like Waco, Harper's Ferry, the Whisky Rebellion, Ruby Ridge and Wounded Knee become possible. Good people, acting with righteous indignity at federalized buttheads can and will stop them. It's possible-it's already happened in America.

After World War Two, in Athens Tennessee, returning GI's wanted a clean local government. The ruling corrupt politicians who had made living in Athens miserable did every trick in the book to steal the election and went so far as to lock up the ballots in the local jail and shot at anyone trying to examine them. This didn't stop those Warriors-they went to a local armory, requisitioned some rifles and shot it out with the corrupt local officials. The Governor at the time did nothing to oppose the GI's effectively sealing the corrupt officals fate. So opposing evil is still possible in America-we just have to decide to say NO MORE!

That old saw-about every journey starting with a single step-is an old saw because it's really true. Find your cause. Seek a quiet space, be all alone and casting everything else from your mind probe your heart. There, God awaits you to talk to Him. Have some maturity about this; don't be like a little kid asking a make believe santa claus for a wish list. It doesn't work like that, and it shouldn't; YOU wouldn't want to be pestered by your ignorant kid's birthday or xmas wish list every day, even if you could deliver. So have some maturity and ask what can I do, and then listen, and God will advise you how to do it, even if you have to work two jobs just to "keep" the crap you've bought with enslaving debt, or you have huge medical bills, or have kids. God is all that we aren't and that includes knowing what to do. And He really is on Humanity's side so trust in God and listen.

And then work to stop any more tragic days in American History from happening. This can only be done if good people say NO MORE!

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