it's only a drama. Padilla is an informant

Kat Hak Sung
It's only a drama. Padilla is an informant
Thu Mar 3, 2005 17:58

If Padilla is a real terrorist. He won't be released. He is an informant used to creat terror attack to cause panic that government can benefit from it.

Now his work is done. He should be released and got a reward.


Reference: Padilla

Padilla was born in 1970.

1978-1982: Attending Darwin Elementary.

August 1985: Arrest record starts when he's 14, and is charged as a juvenile in connection with a murder. Padilla and a buddy robbed and stabbed a drunk man. Padilla kicks the bleeding man in the head. He tells cops: "I felt like it." January 1989: Arrested for obstructing people on the street after he was caught flashing gang signs and wearing gang colors. Tells police he's a Latin Disciple.

February 1989: Arrested for battery after hitting a cop in the face after trying to swipe a doughnut.

January 1991: Arrested in Chicago for firing a .357-caliber Magnum out a window of building near where he was living.

October 1991: Now in Florida, arrested for road rage incident in suburban Fort Lauderdale. Padilla fired a silver .38-caliber revolver at another motorist but missed.

1992: He was released from jail.

1992-93: Works at a Taco Bell in Davie, Fla.

June 1994: Padilla files for name change with Broward County; changes name to just Ibrahim. Later begins referring to himself as Abdullah al Muhajir.

1993-94: Works maintenance at Coral Ridge Golf Course in Fort Lauderdale.

(There is no information about where Padilla was and what work he did in this period from the source. I think that's top secret for FBI.)
May 8, 2002: Arrested at O'Hare Airport.


Notice the owner of fast food restaurant Padilla worked for in 92-93 was a Muslin.
Also notice that Padilla quit his ganster's life after his release from jail in 92. And try to penetrate into Muslin society since then. I think he might have been recruited in the jail and start his undercover job on 92.

I realized him as an informant not only based on above information, but mainly on the situation he was arrested in this May. When Ashcroft announced Padilla's arrest in Moscow, he had his purpose. The internet immediately circulated that Padilla was identical to John Doer2 of OKC bombing. When they need excuse to start war on Iraq, they sacrifice their informant without hesitation. See other opinion of mine about Padilla at: Re 7. Padilla and OKC bombing (6/15) in "68. Ashcroft's revenge (5/31/02)".

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