CIA calls them "patches": Micro-chipped population
noam anderson
CIA calls them "patches" : Micro-chipped population
Wed Mar 3 18:02:14 2004

... similar to those used for shampoo. The CIA calls them "patches". Inside,
I could see an orange-golden liquid. He said that he joined ...

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Subject: [apfn-1] The most important goal of the Illuminati is a micro-chipped-All the scams are one scam.
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 12:33:48 -0800 (PST)
From: noam anderson
The most important goal of the Illuminati is a micro-chipped population

Micro-chipped population

The most important goal of the Illuminati is a micro-chipped
population. Their aim is to have every person on the planet micro-
chipped and every child micro-chipped at birth. This is no science
fiction fantasy. It is already happening. Of course, they won't
come out and be honest about it because they know that many people
will resist (well, some, anyway). They are doing it by stepping-
stones in order to obscure what the real game is. They began with
the micro-chipping of animals, first voluntarily and now often by
law, and the same method is being used on humans. In 1997, a friend
introduced me to a man in America. He had asked to meet me because
he was a scientist working against his will on CIA secret projects
that the run-of-the mill politicians have no idea are going on. When
I asked him why he used his genius to advance the agenda, he opened
his shirt and on his chest was a see-through "sachet", similar to
those used for shampoo. The CIA calls them "patches". Inside, I
could see an orange-golden liquid. He said that he joined the CIA in
the belief that he was serving his country, but he soon realized that
they did not want his knowledge in order to help Humanity. The idea
was to control them. When he began to rebel against the misuse of
his work, he left home one morning and remembers nothing else until
he woke up on a medical-type table. When he began to focus, he
noticed the "patch" on his chest. They have manipulated his body to
need the drug that the patch contains, and it has to be replaced
every 72 hours. If he doesn't do what he is told, they don't replace
the patch and he begins to die a long and painful death. Large
numbers of brilliant scientists, who could be setting the world free
from poverty and hunger, are in the same situation.

This man told me about the micro-chipping agenda, and much else
besides. He arranged to meet me in order to expose what was being
planned for the human race because he had no idea how long they would
allow him to live. When these scientists have served their purpose,
the patch is no longer replaced and they die painfully, taking with
them the knowledge of what is going on. First, he said that the cure
for cancer has been known for decades, but they would not release
this to the public because they did not want people to survive, and
were making far more money drugging the dying and treating the
symptoms than they ever would curing the disease. He said the
technology existed to create abundant growth in deserts without water
by stimulating the energy-fields of the plants. At its optimum, it
was like watching a time-lapse photograph, so fast did they grow, he
said. This would eliminate hunger by itself if it were made
available. But this same technology was, instead, used to kill
thousands of people in a mass murder that he witnessed. The CIA (an
Illuminati agency) had gathered a vast multitude together in Ethiopia
during the famine. He was in a plane that he thought was flying over
the area to cast a vibrational field across the land to stimulate
plant growth. When he came to the front of the plane to see what was
happening, he saw thousands of people lying dead. They had been
killed by the power of the magnetic field because the CIA was testing
his technology as a weapon that could kill people, but not damage
property. He also said that the technology to give us all the power
and warmth we need without pollution or utility bills --- free
energy --- has been known for decades. I know this from people I
have met who are producing these systems, but they can't get them
into production because the Illuminati control the patent offices,
the money and the major companies required to mass-produce them.
Imagine a kit in your home giving you warmth and power every day
forever without cost. Again, this technology uses the pool of unseen
vibrating energy all around us and turns it into usable power. All
this technology would be ours today if it were not suppressed by the

But it was when he turned to micro-chips that the CIA scientist
became most animated. He confirmed that the Illuminati plan was to
micro-chip everybody. On one level, it was to tag us and keep a
constant track of where we are and what we are doing, he said. But
the main reason was to manipulate at will our mental and emotional
processes. He said that people should not only think about the
messages going from the chip to the computer. Far more important
were the messages from the computer to the embodied chip. He said
people had no comprehension of the level of technology in the
Illuminati secret projects. Once people were chipped, he said, the
computer could make them docile or aggressive, sexually aroused or
sexually suppressed, and close down their minds to a point where they
were like zombies. From where I am looking, I think it's already
begun! He asked me to urge people to resist the micro-chip at all
costs because once we concede to that we would be nothing more than
machines controlled by the "aliens" he confirmed were behind the
whole thing. We need a global campaign of "'SAY NO TO THE CHIP" and
we need it NOW! The chip is in almost every piece of technology and
is embedded in newer cars. This can externally immobilize the engine
from satellite, as well as tracking every journey. As I predicted in
my books of many years ago, it is already being suggested that people
should be chipped to make the world more efficient. Professor Kevin
Warwick of Reading University in England has been used to promote the
use of the human micro-chip. He was implanted with a chip amid
enormous publicity and has introduced us all to the benefits of
controlling electronic devices at a distance. Wow. The latest I
heard was that he and his wife, Irena, were going to be implanted
with another chip which would connect their nervous systems to data
processors, batteries, and radio transmitters. Apparently, their
teenage daughter, Madeleine, was asked to join the exercise, but
said "No way". There is at least one thinking member of the family,
then. "This is the next step of merging man and machine," said
Professor Warwick. "We will be able to have communications between
two nervous systems across the Net." Well, glory be.

He is being funded, according to the London Daily Mail, to the tune
of some half a million pounds by major U.S. Internet firms.
Professor Warwick admits that he and his wife could suffer permanent
physical damage to their arms, but added that he hoped "there will be
no mental damage". One wonders how they would tell. We are now
seeing people chipped with their medical records and other personal
details. The plan is to sell the chip as a way to stop people being
mugged for their money because their financial details would be on a
chip under their skin. Preventing credit card fraud is another
excuse. They will also promote the micro-chipping of children by
claiming that they could never be lost again because the chip could
always locate them. The more children that go missing or are
murdered, and the more they promote the danger of pedophiles in the
community, the more likely parents are to be frightened into micro-
chipping their kids. Of course, the greatest abusers and murderers
of children are the very Illuminati who are promoting the chip.

Problem-reaction-solution. A guy called David Adair, who has worked
on high-tech projects with NASA, has been on the New Age lecture
circuit in America for years extolling the benefits of micro-chipping
our children. I cannot believe that someone with his insider
knowledge of secret technology would be unaware of what that would
really mean in terms of tagging and mind control. Implants have been
found in people who claim to have been abducted by "aliens", and how
many people are already micro-chipped without their knowledge? The
CIA scientist told me in 1997 that micro-chips in the secret projects
were now so small they could be injected through a hypodermic needle
during mass vaccination programs. Some years later, a picture
appeared in a British newspaper of an ant holding a micro-chip in its
pincers, and that's only the size they allow us to see. You will
find that shot in the picture section. Chipping people so they
can "talk" to their personal computers and the Internet is another
approach. The London Sunday Times reported:

"The next computer you buy may be the last one you will need. In
the future, scientists want to insert electronic chips into our
heads so we can plug directly into the information superhighway.
British researchers are among international teams working on an
implant to translate human thought into computer language. In a
generation, one group says, people with a peppercorn-sized chip in
the back of the neck will be able to talk to machines ."
What they don't tell you is that the machines will be able to talk to
them, too. In ...And The Truth Shall Set You Free, I tell the story
of Dr Carl W. Sanders, a highly acclaimed electronics engineer in the
U.K., who was developing a micro-chip implant to help spinal injury
patients. He said that his project was hijacked by the one-world
brigade, and he attended 17 meetings with them in places like
Brussels and Luxemburg. He told Nexus Magazine:
"I was at one meeting where it was discussed: "How can you control a
people if you can't identify them?" People like Henry Kissinger and
CIA folk attended these meetings. It was discussed: "How do you
make people aware of the need for something like this chip?" All of
a sudden the idea came: "Let's make them aware of lost children,
etc. This was discussed in meetings almost like people were cattle.
The CIA came up with the idea of putting pictures of lost children on
milk cartons (which they did). Since the chip is now accepted, you
don't see those pictures anymore, do you? It's served its purpose. "

Dr Sanders said they want the chip to contain the name and picture of
the person, an international (world government) social security
number, fingerprint identification, physical description, family and
medical history, address, occupation, income tax information, and
criminal record. People will be told that if they are chipped, they
will have no need for passports or any other personal paperwork, and
enough apparent benefits will be driven in to persuade a comatose
population unaware of the game to agree to, literally, give their
minds away. Or their brain function, anyway. Micro-chipping will
begin as a voluntary program, with people encouraged to enjoy the
convenience of being the clone of a computer. Then it will be made
compulsory. The more missing children, terrorist bombs, mass
shootings, and other horrors the Illuminati can engineer, the more
the compulsory micro-chip will be "justified" and accepted by the
sheeple. Those refusing the chip will be said to have "something to
hide" (the old trick), or not care about the missing children or
those killed and maimed in the bombings and shootings. The "threat"
of terrorists with nuclear devices in suitcases will also get a
mention, it usually does. The global computer network to which these
chips will answer is already in place underground at many locations.
One is in Brussels, Belgium, a major Illuminati center, and the
location of NATO and the European Union. Another is at Cheyenne
Mountain in the United States. While I was writing this chapter, a
company called Applied Digital Solutions announced the launch of a
human micro-chip it calls Digital Angel. It is a human implant
designed to monitor the wearer's physiology, like pulse and body
temperature, and their location. The company claims it is the first
operational human chip that can be linked to the global positioning
satellite tracking systems. It will allow your every move anywhere
on the planet to be tracked from satellite. It is also designed to
connect with the Internet and to become a user-identity device for
the web. It is described as a "dime-sized" implant, inserted just
under the skin. The chip will be powered "electromechanically"
through the movement of muscles, and it can be activated by the
wearer or the monitoring technology. It has, according to the
official statements, been developed by Dr Peter Zhou and his research
team and has progressed "ahead of schedule". The Illuminati agenda
is not dependent on the necessary technology becoming available by
accident. It is developed well in advance, and is introduced in line
with the planned timescale. At that point, we are told the
technology has just been discovered when, in fact, it has been
waiting in the wings for years. The tax-exempt foundations, like the
Rockefeller Foundation, give vast sums to scientific research, but,
as a U.S. Congressional Committee established in the 1950s, they do
not lose control of how the money is spent, and insist that the
research serves the needs of the global agenda. The Illuminati-
controlled Princeton University was involved in the development of
this micro-chip along with the New Jersey Institute of Technology.
Dr Peter Zhou is the chief scientist at Inc., a
wholly owned subsidiary of Applied Digital. He stresses, of course,
the benefits for people becoming human robots connected to a
satellite. He said he was excited about his chip's ability to save
lives by monitoring medical conditions and giving an exact location
to rescue services. I predicted many years ago that this would be
one of the ways they would sell the chip to the people when the time
came for its introduction. He said that the implant would become as
popular as cell phones and vaccines (one of which fries your brain
and the other suppresses your intellect and undermines your immune
system). Dr Zhou then delivered some of the most chilling sentences
I have ever read:

"Digital Angel will be a connection from yourself to the electronic
world. It will be your guardian, protector. It will bring good
things to you. We will be a hybrid of electronic intelligence and
our own soul."

just read those words again, especially the last sentence. This is
what we conspiracy "theorists" have been predicting for all these
years, and now it is here. I heard that the introduction of this
particular chip design may now be in some doubt, but it gives you an
excellent idea of what is planned. And it is not only the chip.
Just look around you today and see all the methods of control and
surveillance. You cannot walk through a town or city without moving
from one camera to another. Go into a shop or take money from a wall
machine, drive a car, catch a train or plane, and you are being
watched. This unbelievable scale of surveillance has been introduced
little by little by the Illuminati until you wake up one morning and
realize that George Orwell's 'Big Brother" is not just coming ---
he's here. All the examples I have given in this chapter, and they
are only a tiny few, are each part of the same agenda. I cannot
stress that enough. Seeing how all these strands are connected is
the key to lifting the veil. There are pressure groups fighting and
uncovering the facts about environmental destruction, poisoned food,
vaccinations, the drug cartel, oil cartel, transnational corporations
of every kind, corruption in government, the banking scam, Third
World debt, manipulation of wars, poverty, cancer, AIDS, child abuse,
Satanic ritual sacrifice, media suppression, assassinations, erosion
of freedoms, high taxation, and a whol

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