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Karl Rove’s “good friend” ‘Jeff Gannon’
Sun Feb 27, 2005 17:41


Karl Rove’s “good friend” ‘Jeff Gannon’

Voice of the White House February 28, 2005
TBR News.org February 28, 2005

“An absolute non-issue with the American print and TV media is the control by very powerful gays of the top policy levels of the White House. Growingly pointed comments inside the Beltway social clubs, homes and watering places about Karl Rove’s “good friend” ‘Jeff Gannon’ are being very thoroughly ignored by the mainline press.

There are two reasons for this crashing silence. One is the fact that a large number of powerful and wealthy Republicans are gay and do not want their wives and children to discover that they put on leather underwear and spend their spare time at the Eagle over on New York Avenue or getting rough trade action at the Crew Club. Fat Karl Rove was seen by one of my people entering a private homosexual orgy at a five-star Washington hotel over the Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL) weekend last year. All the self-hating loyal Republican gays at the no-pants party, many of them Senatorial aides and military types, of course pretended they didn't recognize him, and who can blame them - imagine how repulsive Fat Karl must look without his clothes. The report that came back was that Fat Karl greatly enjoyed the supervision of a certain hairy 350-lb. Leather Dominator, who had won the Miss Virginia Daddy Bear title at the MAL festivities.

Karl used hang out at JR’s, which is on 17th between P&S, before he became so well-known. This is a “respectable” gay bar for discreet people who do not wear mesh panties, high-heeled pumps and wear terrible wigs. How many people know about these activities? In Washington, a hell of a lot of the prominent. But very few of them dare to open their mouths because of their own small problems.

Power seems to draw gays like moths to a flame.

Johnson’s top aide, Walter Jenkins, used to hang out in public lavatories, propositioning street bums but people like Rove, and others, are <>much<> more discreet.

This country is now completely and thoroughly run by a triad composed of Christian fanatics, sailor-chasing gays and rabid Likudists.

The Jesus Freaks are universally dimwitted and thoroughly obnoxious (except for the oh-so-sweet Ralph Reed…the eternally youthful Reed is in several camps)) but not numerous enough to be really dangerous (but one of their top creatures just loves to rub down muscular young servicemen, many of whom will never be transferred away from the fleshpots of the Beltway) and the gays are mean, self-hating elitists who have no problem bringing their sleazy lovers into the Imperial Presence. It is quite a coup to being a well-built Marine into the White House for a “private tour.” Most grunts are not sophisticated and seeing their host being treated with deference by security people and staff is a powerful aphrodisiac.

There is an expensive apartment, with mirrors on the bedroom and bathroom ceilings, over near DuPont Circle that certain powerful senators take turn visiting with their pickups. At least old Barney Frank is out in the open about his orientation but some of the others, many of whom we can see on CNN preaching and piously touting Family Values, twenty minutes after they have serviced a well-hung sailor in the security of the DuPont Love Nest, and pretend to love their wives while dreaming of the bulging and tattooed arms of a lumberjack from Montana. I could discuss other parts of the male anatomy but arms will suffice. For now.

The Likudists are the most dangerous of all because they are all deep-dyed and ultra fanatic supporters of Israel and they are in defacto control of American foreign policy. It is these creeps that are pushing Bush into a new war with Syria because they consider that country to be a threat to them. They manipulated Bush into the Iraqi Adventure for the same reason.

However, it must be said that Fat Karl the Eunuch was right there, hissing into the hairy Imperial Ear, that a wartime president traditionally could do no wrong and could establish all kinds of delicious controls over a possibly restive population. Rove supported the Likudists and engineered that very funny, and comically phony, ’Abraham Lincoln’ ‘Mission Accomplished’ farce.

Karl is very clever (see ‘Wag the Dog ‘ for more concrete examples) but a mean, spiteful and very vindictive creature whose self-loathing is equaled only by his total control over the weak-willed and easily led Bush.

When I get back a report I loaned to someone, I will be happy to discuss the background and current activities of Ken Mehlman, the head of the Republican Party and, like Fat Karl the Eunuch, a <>warm<> friend of the President…and others. Many others. And there are letters, too, and confidential reports. And more people to discuss with you and your readers.

‘Oh, what a tangled web we weave/ When first we practice to deceive.’

I know about these fag bars and cock emporiums because it is my job to make sure there are no scandals to disturb the Rabid Rove the Queen of the Republican’s goal of being the only political party in the U.S.. I personally have never been in a gay bar but people who work for me have and only because they are following certain interesting people. Eventually, all of this will end up in the print media and you can remember my discussions when that happens. Many of these unfortunates are eagerly in favor of a large army because it improves their choice of stud boyfriends .

Most of these creeps could be easily locked up but they say that punishing a homosexual by putting him in jail is like punishing a moth by locking him in a coat closet. And besides, who would run the country then?

Malice and disapproval aside, the real problem here is this: George W. Bush, supported closely by Karl Rove, was reelected as President of the United States on the so-called Moral Majority vote. In sum, Bush, via Rove, was projected as a moral man who would return a hedonistic America to the simpler virtues of a bygone era. This would be a moral crusade with strong religious overtones. Rove, who is brilliant if depraved, saw this and was successful. A large part of the American public, unhappy with what they saw as debilitating liberalism, abortion on demand, disgusting gay marriage and other forms of what they considered moral decay, put Bush back in office.

What will happen when these devout and angry people discover that their beloved symbolic President is just as bad as the evil, liberal Clinton? It was the Christian Right, financed by the weird Mellon heir, who harassed Clinton and got him impeached because of a seedy affair with the zaftig Monica Lewinski. Now they have to deal with rampant male whores prancing around the White House in consort with a small army of closet queens and all of whom very obviously have the ear, and the confidence, (and hopefully, that’s all they have) of their “moral” choice for President. Shakespeare said that hell had no fury like a woman scorned and from the letters and emails we are getting here, the duped and conned Moral Majority types are going to be a source of great trouble for Bush. How can this happen, you ask? After all, Bush has been elected for four more disastrous years.

The Congressional Mid-Term elections are coming up and betrayed and angry members of the Religious Right will not vote for Bush-type Congressmen and will either not vote or will vote out what they will see as co-conspirators and traitors to their cause. This is the very real danger and since the smelly and mangy cat is out of the bag now, all Bush and Rove can do is to try to find some kind of sensational disaster to cloud the issue as much as possible. (‘Al Quaeda-trained Eskimo terrorists have just blown up the Alaska pipeline!’)

In addition to exposing the freak show in the Monkey Palace, here is a bit more information for your mills to grind. I did not go to Europe with St. George but have access to the official, and unofficial, reports (I have connections with the tour) and you all might be interested to note that the so-called ‘New Beginning with Old Europe’ was a dismal failure. There were the obligatory press PR pictures of Bush smiling and shaking hands with various European heads of state but his goal, to have Europe send troops to Iraq so he could deal militarily with Iran and Syria, ended in complete disaster. The French treated George very coldly and he was told to stop threatening world peace and get out of Iraq.

Neither the French nor the Germans will send any troops to support Bush’s new ‘Drang Nach Osten’ and although the initial reports of the meeting with Putin are not all in, it appears that Bush got his tail caught in the door again. We know that the Oligarchy in Russia, made up of street punks, tried to sell the Russian oil and gas interests to a consortium of British and Americans but Putin put a stop to it. That’s why the American press rants about Vladimir not being democratic enough. In truth, the big oil people want back the money they paid to the now-defunct Oligarchy but Bush was, in essence, told by Putin to piss up a rope. Vladimir is a very dedicated and very capable head of state and his interests are, as he sees it, to advance Russia’s economy, not to cater to the whinings of George Bush and his oil barons.

The general feeling in Russian, French and German diplomatic, political and social circles is that Bush is a menace to world peace and ought to be removed from office before he starts a major war. There is already a major economic war raging with almost all of the world joined to shut down the dollar, spike the cannons of American dominant business interests and bring down, or neutralize, Bush and his cronies. This is all very well and good but all of this clandestine, and very effective, economic warfare will do terrible damage to the American people.

Bush frankly doesn’t give a damn as long as he gets his money in front. This has always been the way he has operated - borrowing money from family friends, gutting the business ventures they paid for and stuffing his obscene profits into his pockets… and overseas bank accounts.

More on all of this massive swindling later and in detail.”

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CBS Baldly States That Karl Rove Was Jeff Gannon's Contact Inside the White House


In a stunning development -- which The Advocate can't help but feel is related to the revelation last fall that Karl Rove was possibly behind Rathergate and (therefore) CBS News's recent decline -- CBS News has gone out on a limb and declared Karl Rove to be Jeff Gannon's White House Contact.

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