Waco Raid Footage: Where is it?

Waco Raid Footage: Where is it?
Tue Mar 1, 2005 00:38

A Person's Account of the Raid:

What I have referred to is that ABC world News Tonite, played the entire
video around 5:30am, the morning after the initial raid. The hosts, Aaron
Brown(Now on CNN) and Thalia Assuras would prop up cardboard pics of
themselves on their desks and just run news videos sometimes in the wee
hours. I used to work very early in the am and would get up just to watch
this segment.

That was before the internet (for me) and I was well aware that something
was wrong in America and I knew that between three and five one could see
raw footage, without the corruption of the morning news people.

That morning, I sat down with a coffee and watched the video. It showed the
BATF'ers unload a trailer, organize into a line, and walk toward the house.
I noticed that they were all in black, first time I'd seen the ninja suits.
It said BATF on their backs, and I remember wondering what they were doing,
since they just looked like a bunch of goons attacking a house and not like
any cops I had seen. No badges.

As they approached the front of the house, gunshots were heard. (Killing the
puppies?) The front door opened and a man stood in the doorway, he looked
astonished. He said something to the BATF, and they began firing, full
auto, sweeping motions like they had seen too much tv.

People behind the first man pulled him back and shut the door. The front of
the house was riddled with bullets. After a few seconds, a few shots came
back through the walls from inside the house. Single fire, maybe half a
dozen rounds. The video then swept up to the roof where there were four
BATF'ers at an upstairs window. They broke the window and thre went in,
then the fourth one began shooting into the house. He might have tossed a
grenade in too.

Then the video went back to the front door. There were a couple BATF'ers
down. One prostrate and one on his knees.

The camera swung around crazy for a bit and then the BATF'ers were
retreating (out of ammo, the scum) with their weapons in the air, dragging
and half carrying wounded agents. The bullet riddled front door opened and
several men came out with rifles in their hands. They stared open mouthed
at the BATF'ers retreating to their trailer. By then I was thinking, "kill
those bastards in the ninja suits, kill them!"

Instead of leaving for work, I got another coffeee and watched the next
cycle of news. The video didn't run in the next half hour cycle but did run
in the one after. By then, Brown and Assuras were in the studio, blabbering.

Next time the video ran it was just a few minutes. Showed agents at the
horse trailer, Agents on the march, agents at the upstairs window and then
agents out of ammo. Brown was already calling it a standoff with a crazy
cult. Seems to me it was edited again next time I saw it, at work.

The ABC newroom had viewed the video, and edited it to what many have seen.
Aaron Brown helped to spin it and cover it up from the very beginning.

Where is this footage? It is on no Waco documentarys...not in the uncut form above.

WACO:  911 Tapes 02/28/93 (Audio 'Winamp' files)

Click here to to download the latest version of Winamp, NOW!

Waco Police Dept Recordings (Wayne Martin to LT. Lynch W.S.D., Koresh to LT. Lynch (cellular)
The following tapes have not been edited. They are the original tapes and have some 'static only' blank spots. Please stand by.........

Tape 1a http://www.apfn.org/wacoinfo/911tape1.wma      
Tape 1b http://www.apfn.org/wacoinfo/911tape1b.wma       
Tape 2a http://www.apfn.org/wacoinfo/911tape2.wma                
Tape 2b http://www.apfn.org/wacoinfo/911tape2b.wma  
Tape 3a http://www.apfn.org/wacoinfo/911tape3.wma
Tape 4a http://www.apfn.org/wacoinfo/911tape4.wma  
Tape 4b http://www.apfn.org/wacoinfo/911tape4b.wma  
Tape 5a http://www.apfn.org/wacoinfo/911tape5.wma  
Tape 5b http://www.apfn.org/wacoinfo/911tape5b.wma


Transcription from 911 calls during Waco raids


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