genocide, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity:
Genocide, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity:
Tue Mar 1, 2005 13:03

Genocide, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity:

Iran: Blogger Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison
Government Broadens Its Crackdown on Freedom of Expression
The Iranian government sentenced the prominent blogger Arash Cigarchi to 14 years in prison for expressing his opinions on the Internet and in the international press, marking a new low for freedom of expression in Iran, Human Rights Watch said today.
February 24, 2005 Press Release
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Human Rights Watch Staff and Committees
(As of February 18, 2005)

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Kenneth Roth, Executive Director (NY) [bio]
Carroll Bogert, Associate Director (NY)
Matthew Collins-Gibson, Special Assistant and Board Liaison (NY)
Jennifer Gaboury, Executive Assistant (NY)


Peggy Hicks, Global Advocacy Director (NY)
Tanya Cox, EU Advocacy Associate (Br)
Steve Crawshaw, London Director (L)
Loubna Freih, Associate Geneva Director (G)
Sebastien Gillioz, Administrative Associate (G)
Lotte Leicht, Brussels Director (Br)
Tom Malinowski, Washington Advocacy Director (DC)
Wendy Patten, US Advocacy Director (DC)
Dorit Radzin, Associate (DC)
Anna Richmond, Associate (L)
Rania Suidan, Associate (NY)
Joanna Weschler, UN Representative (NY)


Steve Crawshaw, London Director (L)
Lance Lattig, Media Editor (NY)
Jean Paul Marthoz, International Media Director (Br)
Amha Mogus, Web Associate (NY)
Jagdish Parikh, Online Communications Content Coordinator (NY)
Anna Richmond, Associate (L)
Vanessa Saenen, Office and Press Coordinator (Br)
Kay Seok, Coordinator (NY)
Urmi Shah, Press and Information Officer (L)
Minky Worden, Media Director (NY)
Elijah Zarwan, Web Editor (NY)

Development & Outreach

Michele Alexander, Director (NY)

Rona Peligal, Deputy Director, Development & Outreach, Program (NY)
Ritu Chattree, Deputy Director, Major Gifts & Budget Management, Development & Outreach (NY)
Liba Beyer, International Council Manager (NY)
Laura Boardman, Development & Outreach Director, UK (L)
Andrea Cottom, Assistant (L)
Michael Dolan, Associate (NY)
Yael Gottlieb, Coordinator (NY)
Kevin Indoe, Database Manager (NY)
Michelle Leisure, Associate Director, international & Special Events (NY)
Miriam Mahlow, Associate Director, European Development & Communications (NY)
Veronica Matushaj, Photo Editor & Associate Director, Creative Services (NY)
Michael Pankow, Manager, New York Committee (NY)
Elizabeth Seuling, Associate Director, Foundation Relations (NY)
Marina Smelyansky, Associate (NY)
Emily Waff, Director, Major Gifts (NY)

Emmanuelle Werner, Coordinator

Los Angeles
Emma Cherniavsky, Director, Development & Outreach, California South
Tiffany Davenport, Associate Director, Development & Outreach, California South
Megan Fickling, Administrator

San Francisco
Sarah Palermo, Director, Development & Outreach, California North (on leave)
Shira Roman, Administrator

Jasmine Herlt, Director of Development & Outreach, Canada

International Film Festival
Bruni Burres, Director (NY)
John Biaggi, Associate Director (NY)
Andrea Holley, Manager, Outreach & Public Education (NY)

General Counsel

Dinah PoKempner, General Counsel (NY)
Reed Brody, Special Counsel for Prosecutions (NY)
Wilder Tayler, Legal & Policy Director (L)
Vanessa Kogan, Associate (NY)
Anna Richmond, Associate (L)
James Ross, Senior Legal Advisor (NY)

International Justice Program
Richard Dicker, Director (NY)
Pascal Kambale, Counsel (DC)
Elise Keppler, Counsel (NY)
Yolanda Revilla, Coordinator (NY)
Jennifer Trahan, Counsel (NY)


Allison Adoradio, Director (NY)
Marcia Allina, Consultant (NY)
Samuel Ferguson, Special Assistant (NY)
Sandra Lynch, Office Manager (L)

Finance & Administration
Barbara Guglielmo, Director (NY)
Anderson Allen, Office Manager (DC)
Gilbert Colon, Front Desk Assistant (NY)
Suzanna Davidson, Controller (NY)
Assie Koroma, Receptionist (DC)
Christian Pe�a, Administrative Manager (NY)
Abdou Seye, Accounting Coordinator (NY)
Mei Yuen Tang, Accountant (NY)
Caroline Tubbs, Associate (DC)

Human Resources
Maria Pignataro Nielsen, Director (NY)
Arelis Baird, Personnel Manager (NY)
Maricel Piriz, Human Resources Specialist (NY)
Ernest Ulrich, Consultant (NY)

Information Technology
Walid Ayoub, Director (NY)
Juan Acuna, Help Desk Coordinator (NY)
Amin Khair, Network Administrator (NY)
Bruce Robinson, Help Desk/Office Assistant (DC)

Sobeira Genao, Publications Manager (NY)
Fitzroy Hepkins, Mail Manager (NY)
Jose Martinez, Production Associate (NY)


Iain Levine, Director (NY)
Widney Brown, Deputy Program Director (NY)
Joe Saunders, Deputy Program Director (NY)
Peter Bouckaert, Senior Emergencies Researcher (S)
Manu Krishnan, Associate (NY)
Anna Neistat, Emergencies Researcher (DC)

United States
Jamie Fellner, Director (NY)
Corinne Carey, Researcher (NY)
Alison Parker, Senior Researcher (NY)
Keramet Reiter, Associate (NY)

Jonathan Cohen, Researcher (NY)
Jennifer Nagle, Associate (NY)
Rebecca Schleifer, Researcher (NY)

Business and Human Rights

Arvind Ganesan, Director (DC)
Lisa Misol, Researcher (NY)
Carol J. Pier, Researcher (DC)
Caroline Tubbs, Associate (DC)
Alex Vines, Researcher (L)

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Rights
Scott Long, Director (NY)

Africa (Sub-Saharan)
Peter Takirambudde, Executive Director (NY)
Georgette Gagnon, Deputy Director (DC)
Christopher Albin-Lackey, Sandler Fellow (NY)
Michael Clough, Advocacy Director (DC)
Alison Des Forges, Senior Advisor (NY)
Corinne Dufka, Researcher (NY)
Kate Fletcher, Coordinator (NY)
Nicholas Galletti, Associate (DC)
Tiseke Kasambala, Researcher (L)
Juliane Kippenberg, NGO Liaison (L)
Leslie Lefkow, Researcher (Br)
Elizabeth Parsons, Associate (L)
Jemera Rone, Counsel (DC)
T. Jeffrey Scott, Coordinator (NY)
Karen Stauss, Researcher (Goma)
Louise Taylor, Researcher (DC)
Carina Tertsakian, Researcher (L)
Anneke Van Woudenberg, Senior Researcher (L)
Sarah Wells, Researcher (K)

Americas (Latin America & the Caribbean)
Jose Miguel Vivanco, Executive Director (DC)
Joanne Mariner, Deputy Director (NY)
Sebastian Brett, Researcher (DC)
Ximena Casas, Associate (DC)
Maria McFarland, Researcher (NY)
Jennifer Nagle, Associate (NY)
Daniel Wilkinson, Researcher (NY)

Steve Goose, Executive Director (DC)
Kate Carman, Associate (DC)
Bonnie Docherty, Researcher (DC)
Marc Garlasco, Senior Military Analyst (NY)
Mark Hiznay, Senior Researcher (DC)
Caroline Tubbs, Associate (DC)
Mary Wareham, Senior Advocate (DC)

Brad Adams, Executive Director (L)
Sam Zia-Zarifi, Deputy Director (NY)
Sara Colm, Researcher (NY)
Meg Davis, Researcher (NY)
Meenakshi Ganguly, Researcher (Bo)
Ali Dayan Hasan, Researcher (Ka)
Charmain Mohamed, Researcher (L)
Jo-Anne Prud'homme, Associate (NY)
Veena Siddharth, Advocacy Director (DC)
John Sifton, Researcher (NY)
Mickey Spiegel, Senior Researcher (NY)
Tejshree Thapa, Researcher (L)

Children�s Rights
Lois Whitman, Executive Director (NY)
Mike Bochenek, Deputy Director (NY)
Jo Becker, Advocacy Director (NY)
Clary Bencomo, Researcher (C)
Zama Coursen-Neff, Senior Researcher (NY)
Kate Frankfurt, Advocate (SF)
Sahr MuhammedAlly, Finberg Fellow (NY)
Dana Sommers, Associate (NY)
Tony Tate, Researcher (NY)

Europe and Central Asia
Holly Cartner, Executive Director (NY) (on leave)
Rachel Denber, Deputy Director and Acting Executive Director (NY)
Sasha (Alexander) Petrov, Deputy Director (M)
Liuda Belova, Associate (M)
Carlo Boehm, Associate (Ta)
Matilda Bogner, Researcher (I)
Allison Gill, Researcher (Ta)
Julia A. Hall, Senior Researcher (NY)
Romanita Iordache, Furman Fellow (NY)
Bogdan Ivanisevic, Researcher (NY)
Diederik Lohman, Senior Researcher (NY)
Lidiya Nychyk, Associate (NY)
Acacia Shields, Senior Researcher (NY)
Anna Sinelnikova, Associate (NY)
Jonathan Sugden, Researcher (L)
Benjamin Ward, Special Counsel (L)

Middle East and North Africa
Sarah Leah Whitson, Executive Director (NY)
Fred Abrahams, Senior Researcher (NY)
Fadi Al-Qadi, Regional Advocate (J)
Ricky Goldstein, Research Director (P)
Leila Hull, Associate (NY)
Lucy Mair, Researcher (NY)
Hania Mufti, London Director (L)
Tarek Radwan, Associate (DC)
Joe Stork, Advocacy Director (DC)
Ali Uthman, Research Assistant (L)

Women�s Rights
LaShawn Jefferson, Executive Director (NY)
Janet Walsh, Deputy Director (NY)
Farida Deif, Researcher (NY)
Erin Mahoney, Associate (NY)
Marianne Mollmann, Researcher (NY)
Nisha Varia, Researcher (NY)

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