Arizona Land Owner Casey Nethercott Arrested AGAIN!
Jack Foote
Arizona Land Owner Casey Nethercott Arrested AGAIN!
Tue Mar 2 01:03:43 2004

Arizona Land Owner Casey Nethercott Arrested AGAIN!
(Received via e-mail on 2.29.04)


Please spread the word about our upcoming Convention here at Camp Thunderbird, Arizona on 17 April. We will assemble Citizens to vote on the establishment of the Arizona Citizens Militia, the election of a Commander, and the bylaws that will govern our conduct.

Our landowner host, Casey Nethercott, was again thrown into jail on Friday 27 February in Tucson. He had appeared in court for a hearing on his bond status while he awaits trial in Texas. The Assistant County Attorney in Jim Hogg County, Rudy Gutierrez, lied to the prosecutor here in Arizona and had Casey thrown in jail again. He was in jail for about two hours, and then was released when he pointed out to a judge that he had already posted bond in excess of the amount that the prosecutor was asking for.

The warrant for Casey's arrest on Friday was signed by the Governor of Arizona, Janet Napalitano herself. This was done under the provisions of the Patriot Act.

Casey has to appear in court in Tucson again Monday 1 March 2004, at 2:30 PM Arizona time. He fully expects to be thrown into jail AGAIN, despite the fact that he has already posted a bond to guarantee his appearance in Texas on 15 March 2004. Even though he has posted bond, the state of Arizona is abusing their powers under the Patriot Act to deny Mr Nethercott his Constitutional rights as a Citizen of the USA. What the state of Arizona is saying, in an indirect way, is that they are stripping Mr Nethercott of his Constitutional rights, simply because they now can.

This marks the end of Constitutional law in the state of Arizona, if not the entire nation. Our rights are now gone, and we can all now be summarily thrown into jail even though bail has already been posted and appearance has been guaranteed. What of our rights will they remove next?

If Casey Nethercott is put back into custody, the state of Arizona will then try to extradite him back into custody of Jim Hogg County in Texas. If Casey Nethercott ever is put back into the hands of the corrupt county government and county law enforcement of that group known as the "Texas Taliban", then they will attempt to kill him in jail. They tried to kill him while he was in their custody in March of 2003 by denying him insulin and spiking his food with sugar. This time, they are already planning to remove him from the jail in Jim Hogg County and keeping him hidden in a jail in another city, where he will be "disappeared".

Casey has already recorded a videotape statement that he will NOT "commit suicide" while he is in custody. We suspect that his captors will either try to fake his suicide, kill him by denying him insulin, or fake an "attempt to escape" and shoot him in his cell. We must not allow these tyrant bastards to get away with murdering a political prisoner in their custody.

If Casey Nethercott dies while in custody, under any circumstances whatsoever, we will call upon all Militia and Patriot Citizens of this nation to assemble here at Camp Thunderbird, Arizona on 17 April to discuss the formation of the Arizona Citizens Militia and to help us make plans for our fight against the forces of evil that are threatening every man, woman, and child in America. If Casey Nethercott dies in the hands of his captors, we intend to go to war.

Please spread the word.

Jack Foote
National Spokesman for Border Rescue/Ranch Rescue USA
Interim State Coordinator for Ranch Rescue Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and California
520-364-3966 (Camp Thunderbird, Cochise County, Arizona)


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