Sun Feb 29 21:25:54 2004

Isn't amazing we can go thousands of miles away on foreign soil, slaughter thousands of innocent people, destroy their country, shed the blood of our children, and spend billions of dollars under the guise of fighting "terrorism." But we can't protect taxpaying citizens in their own country against an "Act of War" by a nefarious Mexican Army "terrorists" on our own SW border?

The reason, the illegals payment for crossing is 50# of drugs carried in back packs. When this is reported to supervisors the border patrol officers and custom agents are threatened, terminated, and some cases murdered to silence them.

The FALSE illusion of Border & Customs Security http://www.customscorruption.com/index.htm

This has not happened once, but several times. This is the most recent attack: "Operation Thunderbird headquarters on the Douglas, Arizona border property was fired upon by unknown assailants at around 2210 hours Monday 26 January 2004. Rifle fire was directed over our main buildings from a distance of less than 100 meters. County law enforcement was notified and responded after the attackers had been run off our property." -- according to Jack Foote www.ranchrescue.com See the 10 minute video:
Foote said, a Mexican military vehicle, patrolling the US border in Arizona. These 13 soldiers were armed with German-made machine guns, and patrol our border regularly. Why doesn't our own military secure our border? Bonner head of the Border Patrol Union said "Our hands have been tied." This site sponsored by the Border Patrol. They have letters you can send to your representatives. http://www.noamnesty.com 



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