Re: Elected Judge Roy S. Moore by a giant 77% majority
Olaf Childress
Re: Elected Judge Roy S. Moore by a giant 77% majority
Mon Mar 1 13:12:07 2004

Re: Elected Judge Roy S. Moore by a giant 77% majority

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Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2004 07:54:05 -0600
From: Olaf Childress
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Adieu, Jean Brown

By Olaf Childress

The first of those Alabama Supreme Court scalawag justices to pay the price
for running from duty will be Republican Jean Brown, 51, a native of
Birmingham who presently lives in Montgomery. The state’s voters having
elected Roy S. Moore by a giant 77% majority to head up that tribunal and
repeat what he had done as a circuit judge, i.e., answer federal leviathan’s
order to remove the Ten Commandments from his courtroom with, “I will not
comply,” he didn’t disappoint. At which time former Gov. Fob James, no pansy
like Alabama’s sitting governor, in announcing he would meet every federal
attempt to remove that plaque by force with force, cooled atheist ZOG’s
lather for the moment. But, under relentless media pressure, 100% of those
eight associate justices later caved in and betrayed the people by voting to
remove the monument. Brown being the only one up for re-election this year,
two others, Acting Chief Justice Gorman Houston and Justice Douglas
Johnstone, have wisely opted for retirement.

With permission from her controllers, Brown’s weak attempt at regaining
prestige consists of heading a committee appointed by Houston “to consider
an alternate display of the Ten Commandments” in the judicial building. Won’
t cut it! Running from the enemy, that’s it, Ms. Brown. Your lately placing
“religious text among other historical sources of Western law” doesn’t
vindicate cowardliness. Such token faith in the divine law of God and our
people – even the Constitutions of the United States and of Alabama which
derive therefrom – shows you’re unfit to serve at the battlefront for
justice. One small step forward can’t redeem two jumps back. Roy Moore’s
former legal adviser Tom Parker will move into the breach you’ve deserted.

Want a free sample copy of the rising South’s most rousing newspaper mailed
to your favorite victim(s) of publik skoolin? Reply with postal address(es).

Political parties at the state level may survive another election, but the
(R) & (D) Party in Washington is dead in its self-polluted waters.

By Olaf Childress

Can these Jewnighted States afford four more years of circus government?
That is the question, as all are aware but few seem ready to admit.

Brutus said to Cassius, “There is a tide in the affairs of men which, taken
at the flood, leads on to fortune.” The political currents were never more
favorable than at present for a new combine of long shots throwing their
weights together at the last minute and taking the White House. Sure, those
same old exhausted and compromised twin parties continue grabbing such
flotsam as the equally discredited media toss them, but their show is pretty
much dead in the water. What this country needs now is an astute,
paleoconservative with organizing skills to seize upon a plan and coalesce
all virtuous independent political parties and candidates this year. He will
not be alone, as many proven workers with plenty of campaign qualifications
are ready to forget past disillusionments and give their all one more time,
gladly trusting such a lead. This organizer will flash word by the internet,
explaining how and with whom interested independents must work now. He will
not try advising any party or candidate as to a platform, the whole idea
being that the marketplace of ideas shall govern, this new coalition
movement coordinating only the logistics: surveys and outcomes to which
participants agree when joining the pact.

Forget about where the means for these urgent communications will come from,
the time is now; let’s put our faith behind such a movement. Websites and
alternate newspapers across the land must see to it that this succeeds – or
we don’t deserve to live free. No doubt what I’m saying comes across like
sudden confusion, but that’s precisely the idea: lightning war! With the
internet, we don’t need the establishment media. Politicians-as-usual won’t
know where it came from, what hit them.

We are not out to “get” any incumbent who’s delivering what he promised
prior to being elected. But there are a few who need flagging in their home
districts. What has worked for patriots in some Southern states can do the
job anywhere.

Working together, we can dislodge the incumbent Republocrats. But no outside
party might succeed until a convention of participants agrees on merging
right before the general election. Thus, if your small party polls 5% of
non-Republocrat support by decision time, per prior agreement your favorite
then steps aside and endorses the leading coalition hopeful. Had you been
running for President, and the candidate you’ve thrown your weight behind
wins that office, this 5% makes you Secretary of Agriculture, for instance;
or, if you were in it for Governor, then some state office, etc.

We’re looking to recover a republic, not found an empire. In order to boot
up and go, just get in touch, start communicating now with a few independent
candidates and entities; remind them how many non-establishment media (and
internet patriots with big lists) will respond to those cooperating early
on. Spread the word, bait them, drop names: American Free Press, The First
Freedom, the Nationalist Times and any recognizable candidates you pull
together as they start responding. Don’t sit on an internet surfboard
waiting for it – make that tide happen.

Olaf Childress, Editor

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