A Model Resolution By Kenneth E. Lamb
A Model Resolution By Kenneth E. Lamb
Mon Mar 1 17:01:11 2004

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A Model Resolution
By Kenneth E. Lamb

I've had a number of people contact me about how to publicize their
organization's support for the federal Marriage Amendment. Today, I'm
sending out a model for your use.

It's already in the form of a press release - just fill in the "XXXX" with
the appropriate information.

The press campaign should go something like this:

1) If this requires a vote, set it a date by the appropriate body within
your organization, and then make a call to the various media outlets in your
area. Talk to the religion writer, city editor (sometimes called the metro
editor) and at the TV stations, the assignment editor, or the news editor.
Call in to any talk programs on the radio. Send Letters to the Editor (but
never send form letters - that will just tick the newspaper off.) Let them
know you are going to do this. Ask them to cover it. (Don't "tell" them to
cover it - they are a very independent lot.)

2) Take the vote, then send this out to the same people you spoke to the
first time. Offer to provide a spokesperson for them to quote. Tell the
spokesperson to "stay on the message" and stick to this topic alone in their
remarks - keep any personal opinions to yourself. Refer to the exact wording
of your resolution in making your answers.

3) Call the editorial page editor and tell him or her you want to run an
"Op-ed" column in the newspaper. Ask what length (the "word count") is
acceptable, and then edit this to that length. It will require that one
individual be the person who submits it, so choose someone to be the
accredited author. Remember to also send Letters to the Editor following the
adoption of the resolution - just as you did telling the public you are
going to vote on a resolution. Those are two separate news events.

4) Make copies, and pass it out at every public place you can afford to

5) Pass this email on to every name on your email list, and ask them to do
what you are doing. Post it on your web site, if you have a web site. This
is the "grassroots power" of the Internet in action.

6) Don't allow yourself to get tagged with the classic "homophobe" charge.
That is nothing but hate speech. It accuses anyone who opposes the Gay
Revisionists of being psychologically unbalanced. It is the same as accusing
the Gay Revisionists of mental defect, but liberal journalists would quickly
publish - and condemn - you for saying a similar remark in order to make you
look like some whacko extremist. (Notice how the Gay Revisionists get a pass
for being extremists? Just remember, "Freedom of the press belongs to the
person who owns it." The First Amendment doesn't require fairness. Welcome
to the Real World.) So if the Gay Revisionists use hate speech against you
(and they will as they become increasingly frustrated with opposition to
their agenda), call them on using hate speech, by saying something along the
lines of "That charge is nothing but hate speech by you towards me - and has
no place in this discussion." Then drop it and get back to the subject -
supporting the federal Marriage Amendment.

7) Focus on the legal equality the constitutional amendment provides: One
definition of marriage - nationwide, applicable to every person - equally.
Quote Holy Scriptures only to groups oriented to understand them. If you are
talking to a secular audience or a non-religious publication/outlet
journalist, keep it secular throughout your remarks. If you don't, they'll
burn you.

8) Never! - lose your cool. The Gay Revisionists will try to provoke you to
anger with hate speech. You will be taunted by Gay Revisionist extremists -
"hated by all men" on the Gay Revisionist's side. So what? You must approach
this with inner confidence and conviction.

9) Never! - let it get personal between you and the Gay Revisionist
tormentor. The more your opponent rants and shouts, the more reasonable you
appear - mainly because you are more reasonable!

10) Send copies of your resolution, newsletters, and clips in the paper to
the offices of your Congress member - House and Senate. Leave out any
threatening cover letters - just state the fact your organization is taking
this action and you want the member to know about it. They'll get the idea -
their finger is always in the wind to see which way it blows.

In addition, send your resolution and clippings to every organization that
is working to pass the amendment. Don't be the least bit intimidated to send
it to the Congress members outside your district or state who are proposing
this legislation, or acting as co-sponsors - they need the evidence of
support you are providing (Go to this link to get the latest list:
http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d108:HJ00056:@@@P). Don't be
intimidated to send it to the national headquarters of organizations such as
Focus on the Family, Massachusetts Family Institute, and any others
supporting the amendment. They need the evidence as well. To f9ind them, go
to: www.google.com then put in the search words for the name of the
organization. When you get in touch with them, tell them you want a list of
other organizations they are working with on this issue, and contact those
organizations next.

11) Post the web links to the clips on your web site, and send the copy to
your email list. Some newspapers only keep a web link up for 30 days, so be
save a copy of the web page for future reproduction on your web site. It is
a legal "fair use" of the article under copyright if you post it -
verbatim - on your site and circulate it to your email list. These people
are in the information dissemination business, and you are only
participating in the purpose for which the article was published. But
remember, you cannot legally change even one word of the story, and you must
give credit to the source and the author.

12) "When in doubt, leave it out." Never try to fake an answer. If you don't
know the absolutely accurate answer to a question, say you'll research the
question and get back to the questioner. The Gay Revisionists and liberal
journalists will use any incorrect answer to burn your credibility. Don't
let anyone put you to shame.

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