Ministry of Deceit Lethal Injection and Anthrax Vaccines
Ministry of Deceit Lethal Injection and Anthrax Vaccines
Mon Mar 1 00:02:59 2004

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Ministry of Deceit Lethal Injection and Anthrax Vaccines Cover Up of Animal Adjuvant Vaccine Given to the troops in both Gulf Wars.

Nine Soldiers have now come forward with birth defects and still births from one single Army Unit 33 Field Hospital and all the soldiers feel that it is far to much of a coincidence to have these problems from one small unit who served in Gulf War 2, this however is De Ja Vu for Gulf War 1 Veterans and this unfolding cover up of Porton Down Vaccines.

The story attached of each case, however the lingering question of what has caused this problem ? the NGVFA release for the first time scientific tests paid for by Granada TV's Sir Trevor McDonald Tonight Programme, Anthrax vaccine washed ashore in Dorset March 2003 contain an animal adjuvant squalene not fit for human consumption.

The Scientific tests carried out by the Manchester Laboratory on the Anthrax Vaccine show unequivocally that Squalene is present in the Porton Down manufactured vaccine.

Squalene is used to boost the anthrax in the body as an adjuvant which stimulates the immune system tests at Porton down show that the anthrax will not work without stimulation so squalene was used to stimulate the immune system it is highly toxic to man and only a minute amount is needed.


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