Protestant Persecution - Need Movie of Fox's Book of Martyrs
Protestant Persecution--Need Movie of Fox's Book of Martyrs
Mon Mar 1 10:22:13 2004

How about a movie then that depicts the Roman Catholic horrors against Protestants, such as the Spanish Inquisition, or Fox's Book of Martyrs, who "kept the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus"? The bloody slayings, beheadings, tortures, sawings, drawings, disembowlments, ripping open of pregnant women, ravishing them, comitting men to fire, this too realistic for the Roman Catholics to hear? Is their no blood of christians on the hands of the "Harlot" of Rome, who "rides the (pagan) Beast" of pagan Rome, that now seeks to cast her off, through their wicked Masonic/Jewish constituency? "What goes around........". The Roman Catholic zealots are all too ready to lead another Spanish Inquisition I see against Protestants, as soon as the Jewish/Masonic Elite are resisted. Shall we join with our own enemies, on either side? Are we safe against a new world order that is either of the Jews or Rome? Evidently not!

You see, the Jewish antiChrist has always had allies from Rome, the Popes placing THEMSELVES in the succession of "St. Peter", but really of the pagan Pontiffs, and led their own crusades and "mission" to "rid the world of evil". So the Jews are not the only ones who desire One World Government I see, but now that they have raided the coffers of Rome, who made her filthy lucre from "penance", while bishops and Popes poisoned one another to gain or keep their place as "the Vicar (substitute) of Christ" on the earth.

"The Passion of the Christ" and his crucifixion could never be complete until the slayings and murder of the Roman Catholic church were depicted to show HER OWN crucifying of Christ afresh by the blood of the Protestant martyr's that would not bow the knee to the Pope of Rome!

Gibsons "Braveheart" was inaccurate, showing a paganized blue-face William Wallace (doesnt that bother you, that Mel Gibson did not portray a Catholic Wallace realistically?), and the true William Wallace defied the Pope in Scotland....and the reformation of John Knox followed latter on its heels!



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