Mon Mar 1 14:57:53 2004

Dear Mr. R. Shalom, the Naive ( ), your perception of the GOLDEN CALF is wrong for the god Yahve ordered to collect GOLD for himself (Ex.25;2 and 36:3), and whoever will do to the contrary will be killed (Ex.32:27,33). The Yahve's people cannot collect GOLD for themselves but for him and his servant Moses and his priests afterward (1 Kings 12:26 and 13:18, 22). While Jesus Christ still insists, that people shall profit from money but priests (Mat.25:14-30; Luke 19:11-27). So, judge the Christ!! And now few words to Mr. Riyaz ( ) who on 11/11/2002 wrote “Stop insulting Judaism and Christianity, Mr. President G.W.Bush. We are different than you. Now you know that we don’t blindly read anti-Jewish but pro-Jewish sites. Unlike you, who just reads anti-Islamic sites, talks without proper knowledge, poses baseless allegations and when confronted to prove, just run away or evade”, on page 133 of his book "Adolf Hitler Founder of Israel" Hennecke Kardel explains plainly that Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad rebelled against Jews and now consequently their religious movements follow precepts of these two great Redeemers of the world. Read that book and write no more nonsenses about Islam and Christianity, and if you do, go right away to the Hell. The book you may purchase at Modjeskis' Society, P.O.Box 193, San Diego, CA 92038, the Publisher, or at the New Century Press, 1-800-519-2456. So, as you see Dear Mr.Riyaz, not only Mr. President evades, but many others do the same as it is the case with the GOLDEN CALF. Sincerely to you all - me, not a Prophet.
And now does follow a genesis of the overall confusion set in motion by the Torah/Bible plus Talmuds It is the frank testimony of Barry Chamish of Israel, identifying himself with the entire humanity:
THE DEUTSCH DEVILS by Barry Chamish: …… (find it at any Search Engine. It confirms the Protocols of the Elders of Zion)
And now another revelation by the San Diego-Union Tribune fitting the Elders’ a scheme:
Dear Editor:
David Elliot refers to Jesus Christ as a Jew (Gibson's 'Passion': God and gore, Section E, February 24,2004) with which it is hard to agree, for as well as the doctrine of Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) goes, personification of Jesus as not of a divine origin miss the point. It is without question that Jesus could not be a Jew, for He was immaculately conceived by the Spirit of God, and as such, the Spirit could not be of Jewish origin. Whoever claim to the contrary commits a blasphemy equaling the Spirit with a God Jew. It is time once and forever to understand this truth and never treat Jesus as a Jew. If not sins of Jews, the God's Spirit could appear at other places of the globe and it is doubtful whether Hindus, for instance, would personalize Jesus as a Hindu. Although a part of mankind descends from Adam and Eve (read the Torah) and is immersed in a sin, the universalism of God's Spirit through Jesus might also be extended to the rest of the world whenever it sins.
Sincerely yours – Modjeski, P.O.Box 193, San Diego, CA 92038.


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