Hutton Gibson: Jewish/Masonic Conspiracy and Catholicism
Hutton Gibson: Jewish/Masonic Conspiracy and Catholicism
Sun Feb 29 18:52:36 2004

The following quote by Hutton Gibson (from second WV newspaper article below), or a writer expounding his view, proves that the "traditionalist" Catholics (like Hutton) are against Masonry and Zionism, and the present Pope is a Judeo-Masonic Pope, Ecumenical, infiltrating and "spoiling" the Roman Harlot since 1958, and overthrowing her power to harness it for One World Government, One Religion, One Nation, "under God", indivisible.

He opposes the Jewish Allen Greenspan, who SHOULD be "hung" for treason, because the Jewish-Masonic elite (including WV's Rockefeller) are the holders of the banks of the Federal Reserve System--which has enslaved Americans (who are ignorant), and control Presidents! 9/11 was an "inside job", Bush was fully complicit, and the story is a Big Lie, to overthrow American government and re-order the World and MIddle East.

However, these Catholics consider anyone opposing them as "anti-Christ" and supporting the Ecumenical and Masonic Pope, because of their strong opposition to the "Jews" (who are Talmudic Babylonian idolators who practice witchcraft, along with higher Masons in their secret societies), not Orthodox Jews who also oppose Zionism-Israel, and because of their strict belief that only Roman Catholics are saved. Many "christians" follow them too, since these "Jews" and Masonry is evil, and anti-Christian, and do not distinguish between the Catholic church and the Protestant churches--which now have been Romanized and Judaized in worship and innovations as well, substituting superstitious icons and rites and many religious innovations (contrary to Christ and the apostles) rather than "keeping the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus" in truth! In the same way you can chose Republican or Democrat, Pharisees or Sadducees, Romanism or Masonry, it all leads to the crucifying of Justice (what anti-Christian is)--only the veneers are different, but they all reject the authority of Christ to rule over them, according to God's laws and gospel in scripture.

Remember Billy Graham is a Mason, and tells audiences to return to their church, parish, or synagogue, in his Masonic-Ecumenical fashion. (Billy Graham has been the Western false prophet, and has the same curse of God, Parkinsons's Disease--i.e. the shakes--as does the false prophet of Rome!) The Masons also pretend to be Christian, by ploys like Judge Roy Moore (who deceives many!), who venerate Statues and Idols of the Ten Commandments (false images, superstitious craftsmanship) while breaking the second commandment forbidding idolatry and graven images of "anything"--for political attraction to ignorant professing christians, who believe he is defending the Ten Commandments, rather than a graven image! (This is how anti-Christ deceives, with pretended venerations of religious symbols while disobeying God's commandments and the true gospel doctrine and practice). Masons are NOT Christians, there is no such thing as Christian idolators, whom God "visits" for iniquity. This superstitious veneration of religious icons is like the Jews, who worshipped the golden serpent on a pole, until Hezekiah called it Nehushtan--mere brass--and destroyed it, or like many Christians who venerate and wear crosses--liike magic charms--superstitiously. Icons are marks of apostasy, like the "mark" of the Beast will be (perhaps a tatoo of a "Christian" or Zionist symbol!), and iconoclasm has been the mark of reformations, where superstition is overthrown, making war on the idols, like Gideon tearing down Baal, or Knox in Scotland, and pure worship restored! (Note the missile batteries now placed around the so-called Masonic "Washington Monument", to protect the Obelisk of the Sun-god and Jupiter--Baal, which is in the "image of the beast" and obelisk in front of St. Peter's in Rome!! The United Nations laws also forbid the destruction of "monuments"--idols--such as the Arab-Moslems did destroying the Buddhist statues in the dessert, one thing that they did right!)

"The Passion" is an idolatrous Mass in the Roman Catholic tradition--recrucifying Christ in effigy demanding audience participation (as a religious rite), the mark of anti-Christian idolatry! (The Mass being idolatry, is the historic Protestant position, as it was with Luther, Calvin, and Knox in Scotland and historic Presbyterians and Baptists like Spurgeon! And now WE are called "anti-Christ"?!) Masons are superstitious, too, like Catholics, and must have their relics and replicas of religious symbols, and even have an "Ark of the Covenant" in the Alexandrian Scottish Rite Lodge--talk about Judaizing! BOTH are anti-Christian in truth, so taught the reformers and puritans. has an excellent exposure of Zionism, and the so-called Star of David, which is a star of a Babylonian god!

The Jews and Masons (i.e. whose religion is Babylonian idolatry, against Mosaic law which forbids idolatry) are out to destroy Calvinistic Christianity (and have in government), strict Orthodox Judaism, and zealous Islam--neutering them all of power--because they all desire to enforce the laws of God in civil government, "bearing a sword" as a "minister of God", (Romans 13) and will punish idolatry, immorality (including prevalent sodomy and growing witchcraft), and hold to a social order that is closer to God's social order in Scripture (no women voting, anti-feminism, slave-holding permitted, father authority at home, etc.) which is contrary to the Babylonian idolatry and communistic social order (see Jeremiah where the men defend their wives in leading in idolatry), because the "liberation" of women and the "emancipation" of slaves is a ploy to overthrow and captivate men by social force and brow beat them into submitting to the socialistic new world order. The serpent used Eve to break Adam, the new world order uses women to seduce and overcome men into subjection, and reverses social order.

The Middle East and Islamic states is their final target to break, the stronghold of nonconformity that somewhat resembles Mosaic law in the second table. (The corporations would love the spoils, to have this population to increase their sales of western licentious goods when they are "liberated" from strict moral laws and as corrupt as America). There is a religious war behind it all, and justice is fallen in the streets! Masonry is just as evil as Roman Catholicism, and maybe worse, since it destroys the authority of Scripture entirely, for Humanism, pagan philosophy! THE NEW WORLD ORDER DESIRES TO TAKE EVERYONE BACK TO THE "EGYPT" OF PRE-CHRISTIAN ROMAN EMPIRE (hating God's laws and the true gospel of Christ), WHERE PAGAN PHILOSOPHY AND HUMANISM ARE AUTHORITY RATHER THAN THE HOLY SCRIPTURES FOR MAN'S RELIGION, LAWS AND GOVERNMENT ON THE EARTH!

Let everyone hold to the AUTHORITY of SCRIPTURE ALONE---NOT THE "TRADITIONS" AND FALSE TEACHINGS OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC OR APOSTATE PROTESTANT CHURCHES---and assert the power of God in it, as the authoritative revelation to man of both doctrine and practice! On that basis, Gibson's Passion must fall (where Satan is played by a woman and Monica Bellucci who plays M. Magdalene is A FAMOUS EUROPEAN PORN STAR!), and Roman Catholicism, but let not the evil of false "Jews", a pretended Israel, a Usurped U.S. government, with pretended Judaized-Republican "christians"--"who say they are [christians], and are not"-- and their Masonic anti-Christ escape (which is bringing the tyrannical new world order) or win without a just war to defend the truth!

A good Christian is against ALL HERESY and FALSE CHRISTIANITY--hating pictures of Jesus and idolatrous icons of "faith", partaking of no Masses or superstitious rites, bowing to no Popes, listening to no false apostles--and other pretended "religion" that opposes the FULL and PURE authority of God and the gospel of Christ, including the anti-Christian Judaistic Zionism and Tyranny of the New World Order!
CONTRA NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM! (see Hutton articles below)

The Gibsons' move to West Virginia comes as the much-anticipated "The Passion of the Christ" hits theaters. Some Jewish leaders say the film could foster anti-Semitism for its portrayal of Jews' role in the Crucifixion, while conservative Christians have praised it as a moving depiction of Christ's death.

Hutton Gibson fueled that fire even more in recent interviews by saying the Holocaust was overdramatized and that Jews are trying to take over the world. The 85-year-old follows a tiny wing of traditionalist Catholicism that views the modernizing reforms of the Second Vatican Council as a conspiracy between Jews and Masons to take over the church.

Gibson's father makes his home in Summersville
Records, neighbors back up reports Gibsons reside in Nicholas County
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