Understanding the law.
Understanding the law.
Mon Mar 1 01:10:12 2004

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Subject: Understanding the law.
Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004 20:39:22 -0800
From: Bill

For someone to understand the law and [fraudulent] presumptions of law that are being applied in today's [facist - meaning that all gov is corporate and own all things - including people] courts one must first understand the impact of the Congress doing away with lawful money.

The law is very clear on the fact that the government of original jurisdiction cannot do business without lawful money as specified in the constitution.

The law in this regard has not been overturned. The Congress, under its "democratic" [remember the Congress is not bound by the rules of republican common law in and over federal property] powers under Art 4 Sect 3, Claus 2 law pertaining to federal property first created a new system of government that could do business in commercial script a.k.a. FRN's.

The Congress first created the United States - A federal corporation. Check the fed codes - also cited below.

Many people have referred to the new government as being corporate but have not found what they consider documented proof.

The fact that the gov is operating without lawful money is the proof.

Now lets move to the new fed court.

Almost 100 years ago the supreme Court stated that the US District courts ARE NOT District Courts of the United States but are mere territorial "in nature".

Why "in nature" instead of in fact?

Also, what is the fed gov doing with any sort of "territorial" courts presiding in and over the republics?

The "State of Oregon" is a [corporate / franshise] "territory" of the United States, Inc.

Now one can see the fed overlay very clearly.

Why did the Congress change all the courts?

It "had" to shut down all common law courts and offices "before" it could completely convert our money system in order to comply with the law - which has not been changed or overturned as a matter of "fact."

Due to the programmed ignorance of the people and the extra ordinary powers that the legislative statutory judges weld over those that they can "pretend" have "volunteered" to accept the roll of property or a ward of the new corporate gov, the system has become totally corrupt up thru the District Courts.

The new judges are God over fed property.

They are pretending that the free people have knowingly and willingly agreed to be treated as property and to go under an assumed ALL CAPS property designation.

I have checked state and fed codes. They all state that prosecution under fed codes direct (USC) or under Congress's corporate territorial jurisdiction (State Statutes or County or City Codes) is strictly voluntary.

That is why the judges will imprison people for demanding to know the authority and jurisdiction of the new courts. The system is so corrupt that they do not dare admit that it is "voluntary" for fear of some ex-political prisoner - or their family - shooting the judges for treason.

They are scared to death that someone will figure out what this E-mail details.

No corporation can lawfully compel a free Man or Woman to submit to its direct authority. That power simply was never delegated to the Congress.

The courts are still required to provide a republican system of gov and law. Notice that I did not say a "republican gov?" Only a republican system of gov. That is the loop hole that the Congress and bankers is exploiting.

The fed corp and its corp territories can do business on behalf of the people - using only commercial script - yet they are ordered by law to provide a republican form of gov and common law proceeding courts upon demand.

Out natural rights DID NOT change with the coming of the new system of gov.

The ALL CAPS name is very important for the corp gov. It must get a free person to volunteer to be prosecuted under that assumed property designation. It cannot use your real name - that is the law.

Any judge who ignores this - and a few on a state level are testing it - IS in violation of the law and IS subject to criminal prosecution and civil suits.

If they prosecute you in your real name with the fed corproate territory as the plaintiff - they are in violation of fed law and bring liability upon the Congress both indirectly (corporate state suit) and directly (a corporate fed suit) under Art 3, Sect 2, Claus 2 in the supreme Court.

If you are not the "property" or slave of the Congress - the fed courts (everything is now under federal corporate law) and refuse to "volunteer" to be prosecuted under the assumed ALL CAPs property designation name, then it is intentional unlawful involuntary corporate territorial slavery that the court engages in.

So now you can see that the State of Oregon is not a true territory - but in appearance.

Everything now is a mirror illusion of the law of the republican union.

The United States is a US Virgin Islands corporation owned by the Congress. An insular possession is now the headquaters for all American government. Wash. DC is the "off shore" territorial headquarters for the new "foreign" corporate gov.

If you check the codes - as a friend did - the gov or gov general may be a congressman - and the president (Bush) is president of only the US Virgin Islands aka United States which makes him president and CEO of the federal corporate territories - such as the State of Oregon or City of Portland.

The only lawful way that the corporate gov can bring a claim against us in its own name is under Art 3 Sect 2 Claus 2 - the supreme Court.

Otherwise the new gov MUST - as a matter of law - bring the claim in the following manner:

State of Oregon, ex rel, (with it clearly stated in the body of the complaint that it is acting ONLY on behalf of the free people. The court must them move ONLY under the rules of the common law.

The courts, at times, have backed down when a free person, called a "constitutionalist" stood their ground - until they realized that the free person still had not developed a true understanding of what they were doing and why the court was backing down. At that point the courts simply got bold and started directly into intentional slavery. It is hard to believe that these alcohol and drug addicted judges and DA's would delude themselves that no one would ever figure out what was happening and spread the word.

In 1985, a man from California was fighting the US Dept of Labor. He filed a counter complaint stating, "The Codes, Rules Regulations and Statutes do not apply to Sherwood __________." and he inserted his name.

The US Dist [corp territorial] court disagreed and slam dunked him.

Sherwood, having a pretty good understanding was ready to go all the way to DC and force a decision.

The 9th Circuit refused to allow such a decision into the public record. It ordered the case returned to the Dist Court and ordered them to deal with it.

Needless to say - the feds crawled into their slime holes never to bother Sherwood again. He is now 85.

I realize that there are some that will try and fight with me over what I have stated.

You will have to fight alone - I will not reply.

The facts speak for themselves. The courts do not deny that they are "mere legislative courts." One only needs to look at the "original" fed constituion to see how limited the powers of the fed gov is - and a fed corporation has even less power - yet all the duties - since they were lawfull set up to deal with the fact that there is NO MONEY.

Statement of Law:1) When the Congress eliminated lawful money all government devolved to the status of mere corporations. The Congress actually replaced all republican forms of government with corporations. These [municipal] corporations operate strictly under the laws the Congress that were created to give life and privileges to corporations in and of the united States.


USC Title 28: Part VI: Chap. 176: Subchap. A: Sec. 3002 Definitions

(15) ''United States'' means -

(A) a Federal corporation;

(B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or

(C) an instrumentality of the United States.

2) The Congress is still mandated by law to "guarantee to each state a republican ‘form’ of government."

3) The corporations created by and operating under the laws of the Congress are mandated by law to recognize the "natural" rights of the people and although not required to provide a republican government, are still mandated to provide a republican "form" of government for the free people.

4) The Congress was never delegated the authority, thru any form of legislative fiat or any other pretense of law, to engage in slavery, except for, in a limited capacity, the military.

This limitation includes:

(A) Declaring people to be property under Art. 4, Sect. 3, Claus 2 federal property laws.

(B) Pretending that people have volunteered to be prosecuted under a secretly assigned and corporate government property designation [a name similar to their true name but typically in ALL CAPS] whereby they could be prosecuted under Art. 4, Sect. 3, Claus 2 federal property laws.

5) When government moves in a corporate capacity and in which it is the party of interest, it loses all authority to regulate, or in any way move against the free people of the union of republics known as the united States.

6) Therefore, the codes, rules, regulations and revised statues of the corporate government are not obligatory upon the free people of the republican states.

7) For the any corporate government entity or agent to subject a free Citizen of one of the republics to obligatory compliance to:

A) any system of law wherein the corporate government, and not the free people under the common law, is the party of interest, or

B) any system of law wherein the accused is denied a republican or common law form of government and common law due process, and instead subjects the free Man or Woman to corporate government regulation, the government is engaging in unlawful involuntary corporate slavery.

In the instant case, the State of Oregon is engaged in violations of both (A) and (B) above.

8) For the state, be it a republic or federal corporate entity to bring a lawful claim against a Citizen of a natural man, that entity is mandated by law to file the claim in the supreme Court of the united States.

9) For the state, be it a republic or federal corporate entity to ignore the law in this regard is to

A) subject the free Man or Woman to unlawful involuntary corporate slavery and

B) commit an act of treason against all the free people of the union.

I therefore, as a matter of natural right, in accordance with absolute state and federal law, demand that the State of Oregon release me from unlawful involuntary slavery.


I have a natural right to be compensated for the injuries suffered at the hands of the State by being prosecuted under an assumed ALL CAPS name under the pretense that I am government property, for being treated as government property over my explicit objections and for having my private property taken over my explicit objection and without lawful due process of law.




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