This BS is rapidly spinning out of control
This BS is rapidly spinning out of control
Mon Mar 1 12:02:12 2004

This kind of BS has (past tense) passed the point of no return. Something has to be done now!!!(but it won't) Here in Michigan I know of People who have been jailed for having cars on their property! Of course they were not aware that challenges could have been made to the venue and jurisdictions invoked, but schools do not teach that and the use of lawyers just clinches the (pretended)court's jurisdiction. So I'm not going to preach here,The time for that is over, nor will I write useless letters to pretended elected corporate officials to do something, because that would be a total waste of time.. been there done that and its pointless. I can not help this man, but can only try to educate others who want to know, but soon they will take me away for the same reasons. We have failed to unite and stand up to the usrpasions of our freedoms promoted and methodically executed by our masters. Those of us People who rights, can no longer have them recognized, by those who are sworn to uphold them. So even when we claim our rights and make appropriate constitutional objections, we are ignored. The conventional wisdom of what appears to be law takes precedence over the common and real law. I fear it is too late for this country and for its People. The powers of those who are ready to enforce the will of the govorners over the governed supercedes any power the people may have left. When the people like us are collected up and held incommunicado and not allowed to teach others about private law and municipal law, it will be the end... I love this site and much info contained is legitimate and true. The end is near for liberty and a handful of arm chair patriots will not change the outcome. Even if the numbers neared a hundred thousand, they, like the Partizans in the former Eastern European Soviet blocked countries, who vigorously fought for freedom, will be hunted down and exterminated. The time has passed for action to have any effect on the outcome. God Bless America and have mercy on the souls of those who have destroyed our liberty.


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