Mon Mar 1 12:50:21 2004

Di this man challenge the jurisdiction of the US attorney? I do not know. see US v Lopez... HOw many of you out there have relatives and kids who are cops and soldiers? Have you taught them common law? Have you tried to explain anything to these people who feel their authority is all encompassing? The educational system has taught them that they have jurisdiction over everyone within a geographical area, but never explained to them the limitations of the subject matter and applicability of the codes and statutes that they are enforcing. Yet, most of us, including myself, continues to go along with the program(for the most part> you see if I resist, even with a tiny group of others, hundreds if not thousands of authority figures will swoop down on us like vultures on a dead carcass. We will be crushed, like at Waco. If I do it alone, they will label me a nut, a loon, a tax protester, a white supremacist, a anti government type, a militia type, a radical, a non-conformist, a domestic terrorist, an anti semite, or perhaps some new words they concoct. Of course, its even better to dig into someones past and portray them as some kind of mental case, or wife beater( even if they're not), just to get public opinion to be against them. I see past it all. Anyone who stands up, will be put down under some pretended authority, but it will seem legitemized. This poor man is in jail, for nothing, the sheriff in that county should be charged with treason for holding this man. Dick Simkanin is in prison for similar situations and if you do something, you may join them. I may even be on the way, just for writing this letter, but if they do take me to jail on some BS charge, how many of you out there will help me?? Ha Ha, just as I thought. Maybe, if you really care alot, you will spend a few moments and write a letter similar to this one, but only if I am lucky. I am pissed, really pissed, because all it is is talk, talk, talk... Lokk what happened to this guy... loookwhat happened to the other one, but I'm not going to make any waves. I'm not going toget involved, because they might come after me too. I won't join with anyone to defend my rights and perform my duty. All they have to do is lock up the leaders and the soldiers are doomed and that is exactly what they plan to do. It will be soon, it will be fast and there will be little to no resistance. If there was going to be anything at all, it would be gaining strenght right now, but as we all can see, nothing is happening to change the flow of events to the inevitable loss of the republic. I am no one. I have no money, no powers, no friends in any important places, but I am one and I do what I can in challenging nearly evrey pretended authority that thinks it can compel my behavior. What do the rest of you do? I have no social insecurity number, no accounts. I do not use my drivers license, but still posses one ( but not for long). I have done what I can. I am one in 300 million and maybe one in a mllion who understands, so what will I be able to do and what impact (positive) will I be able to make alone????????????



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