Marine Training in Arizona for Urban Control
Marine Training in Arizona for Urban Control
Mon Mar 1 02:00:24 2004

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Date: 1999-10-28 06:14:57

Subject: Marine Training in Arizona for Urban Control

This is from Joel Skousen's WORLD AFFAIRS BRIEF (Oct. 22).

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This week, the USMC was conducting small scale urban assault training exercises in various parts of Arizona, including the Phoenix area. After the huge backlash caused by Delta Force live fire exercises in Corpus Christi, Texas, the Marine Corps was ready with pat answers to predictable questions--none of which make sense to the savvy observer. While admitting that the Marines had half a dozen static urban training centers, Marine Corps spokesman Abraham defended the Marines' need to train in more realistic "live" environments similar to what they would face "abroad." But even more troubling was the role the FBI was playing. Again, the USMC spokesman discounted any sinister reason for the FBI presence, "the FBI was acting merely as a liaison between the Marine Corps and local law enforcement officials. This is a Marine Corps training exercise," he said, "At no time has the FBI assumed operational control over it."

ANALYSIS: None of this stacks up to reality. It is irrelevant that the FBI had no operational control over the exercises. They didn't need to be in control of the military portion of the exercise to fulfill their real purpose--which was to get local law enforcement used to being controlled and directed by federal authority during US military intervention in civilian affairs (like gun confiscation or roundups of political dissidents). The move to get the US military ready for civilian interdiction missions with CONUS (Continental USA) is proceeding with increasing speed. Even without direct Congressional authorization, the Clinton Pentagon has now begun implementation of a CONUS based military command structure in direct violation of the Posse Comitatus Act prohibiting use of US military in civilian police actions. Secondly, explanations about getting ready for training "abroad" are ludicrous. There are virtually no cities abroad that bear any similarity to American cities. The Marine spokespersons are simply parroting what they are told to say. While the Marines themselves may believe the propaganda line they are being told, Clinton military leaders are clearly tasking the Marines to train for future actions against dissident Americans who will be resistant to a global takeover during the next war.



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