Terry Nichol's trial: Jury selection began today Monday Marc
David Hall
Terry Nichol’s trial: Jury selection began today Monday Marc
Tue Mar 2 01:13:32 2004

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From: "David Hall" dkh207@kskc.net
Date:Mon, 1 Mar 2004 22:01:02 -0600

Jury selection began today Monday March 1, 2004 for the Terry Nichol’s trial

The state of Oklahoma Vs Nichol’s. Terry Nichols presently is serving a federal life sentence for his part in the Okla. City bombing. It is expected to take up to two weeks to select 12 jurors and six alternates. About 150 prospective jurors’s filled the courtroom today awaiting questions from the judge and the attorneys.

District Judge Steven Taylor told the prospective juror’s the process would take some time. He stated that their candor and frankness is extremely important. He further stated that he was going to do all he could to keep the inconvenience factor as low as possible.

Judge Taylor temporarily dismissed all but 42 of the prospective juror’s, who will be questioned individually in the judge’s chambers. He asked them to raise their hands if they had ever heard anything about the case, and they all raised their hands. The fact that you have all heard about this case will be the basis for a lot of questions he said, can you set aside what you saw and heard most shook their head yes.

Earlier today, Taylor rejected a defense motion to postpone the trial pending and FBI review of some aspects of the bombing investigatation.

After disclosures last week that investigative documents concerning the bombing and the possibility that there was other suspects did not reach the bombing task force in Okla. City during the original investigation.

Taylor said federal and state government officials have assured him that all the relevant material that Nichol’s attorneys could use to show his innocence has been provided. But he said if it turns out some important material has not been turned over he will dismiss the case.

Prosecutors alleged that Nichol’s conspired with Timothy McVeigh to build a 4000 pound ammonium nitrate and fuel oil bomb to blow up the Alfred P. Murray Federal Bldg. in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on April 19, 1995 to avenge the FBI siege at Waco, Texas two years earlier.

Nichol’s attorneys say there is evidence of a wider conspiracy and that Nichol’s was setup by unknown coconspirator’s to take the blame for the bombing.

Government documents never introduced at McVeigh’s trial suggest the FBI believed McVeigh tried to recruit additional help in the days before the bombing and that the agents gathered evidence the white supremacist bank robbers may have been involved.

Nichols faces 161 counts of first degree murder.

The fact that Nichol’s was at home in Herington, Ks. When the bomb exploded on April 19, 1995 could make it harder for prosecutors to get the death penalty, said Andy Coates, a former prosecutor and dean at the University of Oklahoma Law School.

Certainly he wasn’t the trigger man. He was one step removed at least geographically, from what was going on , Coates stated.

David Hall

"The Major" - supposedly recruited McVeigh — Anonymous,


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