Re: Casey is a member of Ranch Rescue in Tombstone, AZ
Re: Casey is a member of Ranch Rescue in Tombstone, AZ
Mon Mar 1 18:46:02 2004

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Subject: Fw: Bushstapo (Fwd) Feds Hold Indiana Patriot incommunicado 3 WEEKS
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2004 15:06:42 -0600
From: Sallie

Casey was probably defending his private property from "illegal" alien invaders again, or the Mexican Army committing an act of war and firing on him again. Casey is also a diabetic and has some other serious medical conditions as a result of his primary medical problem. Last time, they refused to give him his insulin in jail. Casey is a vet.

Nethercot has been told by the prosecutor that he will be arrested by order of the Governor under the Patriot Act with no charges at 2:00 PM mountain today.

Casey is a member of Ranch Rescue in Tombstone, AZ. His group helps protect ranchers and their land from the Illegal aliens, and the Mexican Military. Casey's website:

Call Governor of Arizona-Janet Napolitano! Phone: 602-542-4331 -- Fax: 602-542-1381
Email form
Web page

Call her office, and let them know that you are against her charging, and arresting Casey under the Patriot Act! They are arresting him, without any charges! Do we see how the Patriot Act is now being abused against taxpaying citizens?
If she can't protect American citizens in her state, then she should be recalled from office.

Welcome to the Fourth Reich I told you was coming, and it's going to get a whole lot worse! Now is the time to speak up and call for both of these men! What are you going to do when they come for you? It's 1933 DeJa Vu! Those that can see it are blind!

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." -- Johann W. Von Goethe
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Subject: Bushstapo (Fwd) Feds Hold Indiana Patriot incommunicado 3 WEEKS

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Feds Hold Indiana Patriot incommunicado 3 WEEKS
Mon Mar 1 01:18:03 2004

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Subject: Feds Hold Indiana Patriot incommunicado 3 WEEKS
Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004 23:46:54 EST

Help for Tim Deaton

Hello Patriots -

This is February 28th and Tim Deaton has been in the Marion County jail for almost 3 weeks now. He has been there since February 11th.

For what?

Well supposedly he is being held on a criminal contempt of court warrant issued out of Las Vegas. It appears that the AUSA in Las Vegas issued a Grand Jury Subpoena to Tim here in Indiana to come to Las Vegas to testify in the Grand Jury's investigation of Irwin Schiff.

For those who don't know Tim, he was one of the first to get funds returned back that he had sent in as estimated tax back in 1994. From that point he became friends with Irwin, and also headed up the largest tax patriot study group here in Indiana. It took me a while to get info on Tim, but I finally, through the help of a friend, got a hold of Tim's wife Marie. She told me that Tim did get a Subpoena, but that he did respond and told them that he was willing to testify in Las Vegas, but that he had no money to purchase transportation to get to Las Vegas nor, since his back is still screwed up from a previous auto accident, could he drive to Las Vegas. He asked them to make arrangements accordingly and get back with him.

Nothing occurred for a while and then when he was at or around the library in Shelbyville, he was surrounded by local sheriff's deputies, hauled to jail and put on hold for federal delivery to Las Vegas and then transferred to Marion County.

Marie informs me that Tim is basically being held incommunicado. She said that he had a hearing before a magistrate that lasted 5 minutes, that he was shown some papers, that the papers were then taken from him and sealed by the court along with the original arrest warrant.

A petition for Habeus Corpus has been filed with the feds.

No action has been taken to date.

Its really tough when the initial paperwork is sealed and a man is treated like he has leprosy to get anyone to act reasonably. And from what we hear the IRS is spreading their typical vitriolic bullshit to tarnish his name. Marie also mentioned that he was being denied the basics such as, an initial phone call, writing paper and pencil, a King James Bible, a chiropractor to adjust his back amongst other things. Some of those things have since been given or allowed to be delivered to him, but others have not. As of right now it is a waiting game. I am told he is held in a cell block designated as a "federal hold."

O.K. What can you do?

1) You can call the Prisoner Information Number at the Marion County Jail. That number is 317-231-8265. You can state that you are calling about the status of Timothy Deaton from Shelbyville, Indiana. You can ask: What is his status? What is his jail number? Is he well? Can I write to him? Can I send him a Bible? To what address can I write to him? Can he receive commissary funds? How can I send him that??

2) The reason I suggest to call the above number is to verify the following information which has changed at least once since he was jailed. The ladies answering the phones are just clerks and are very courteous and helpful, so don't be intimidated and don't get pissy with them. They are not the enemy, they are just clerks. I was able to confirm the following info that I had received from Marie.

Timothy Deaton from Shelbyville Indiana (DOB 1-21-51) has been assigned the Marion Co. Jail number T00128292. His address is: Marion County Jail, Cell Block 4-I, 40 S. Alabama Street, Indianapolis Indiana 46204.

3) You can send him a letter at that address. Do not send any money for commissary with the letter. If you want to send money for commissary it would be best if you contacted me and I will get the money to Marie. Once Tim is moved, I understand the "commissary funds are not refunded." Remember all letters are copied, so use wisdom when writing. Also, remember that outwardly these people are kissy face and huggy bear, but behind the scenes the powers that be are no good rotten bastards who make it a point to give a rights advocate like Tim the "bad boy perp treatment." Your association with him will be duly noted.
That is why I tell them that Tim Deaton is my good friend whom I admire very much.

4) Marie is doing O.K. but in time she will need funds for plane, train or auto to get Tim back from Las Vegas after they move him (usually within 30 days of the day he is jailed - which was Feb 6th) and then dump him in the streets after appearing before the judge or the grand jury. You can send funds or correspondence to Marie Deaton C/O me, either by postal money order or cash and I promise you I will get those funds to her. I don't think checks are wise. Marie has no easy way of cashing them. Marie has no phone number to which she wishes publicized. She does review Tim's e-mails at his old e-mail address so you can communicate with her in that manner.

I ask that you pass this information along now to everyone you can. Send duplicates. Keep this information moving.

Please do so now!!! I ask that you correct any misinformation above. I ask that you send any new information, which I can pass along. I ask for any suggestions that you may offer and I will forward accordingly. I ask that you give Tim and Marie all the support and smiles you can give.

Bob Minarik - 5288 N. 1000 W., Rochester, Indiana 46975 -



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