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From the Inside/Out is D'Anne Burley's Forensic Journal. Ms Burley is a long time activist within Chicago, Historian, and has been involved within the patriot community.

Her real trail began in mid 2000, when she had become involved in a Terrorist Cell operating out of a Suburb of Chicago Palos Hills. Whereby her then business partner was involved within a operation which included a international newspaper with ties into the middle east, and a flight school whose members were part of the 9/11 operation. This was covered up by the various policing agencies within Illinois including the FBI and others. Because there was more to the events of 9/11 that were to remain outside the view of the public. Because as its being shown today, 9/11 was merely a "MOCK TERRORIST DRILL" designed to test the ability of the United States to respond to acts of so-called terrorist operative coming in planes into the US and creating chaos, whereby within this test the respnders would have to show casualities and the way back to recover.

Because of the amount of investigation Ms. Burley has compiled, and completed within her Radio Interogatories, which involved and included the top experts in the Military, Science, those who have ties inside the CIA/BATF FBI and other government agencies the timelines and events after her analysis shows that there was a insider cover operation working from within the Government and Outside to take out and control, our government within selling off this nation to private international interest groups and Corporations, moving our military out of the US so that there was no safety net to protect the people here from this operation, and with the later involving the destruction of banking and property ownership so that this nation will be controlled within one vase super power with a leadership of former Presidents and world leaders.

The course this agenda will follow will lead to many people losing money, homes, life and also the most valuable thing of all the Freedom and the Constitution which made this nation Great and better than all the rest.

The Program to date has been on both television and radio, and it deal is that this is not your mere media hip and stories based on stories from internet sites, and backpages of the newspapers.

D'Anne Burley's program is indeed different, and it's for people who want to know that facts, and those who seek to make a change.

D'Anne, is the daughter of the late Dan Burley Journalist and musician, he was a friend to Walter Winchell, Dorothy Kilgarian, Frank Sanatra, The King of Ethophia, and many others Movie Stars, Singers, Dancers you name them both Black and White, during a time when racial issues were a part of America's History.

Dan Burley was the real creator of Jet Magazine which he had managed and editored as he had done from the Black Nation of Islam the Publication Mohammad Speaks, Dan took the words of the Late Honorable Elijah Mohammad and within his way placed the words on paper so that the public could understand the pain that many Black's felt in 1947. Then Later he created it into a small magazine which could be placed in a persons pocket which was a trademark of Dan Burleys work. Dan was a musican whose created the with his friends within using the ZOOT SUIT ERA BEEBOP, Harlem Jive Slang within his Jive Dictionary. He moved and created a music agenda that had brought about the current RAP era based on the use of langauge. Dan Burley also helped john Kennedy established his adgenda within the Black press and via his coverage aided in getting the Black Vote.

During the time of the Bay of Pigs, Dan Burley saw too much, and his daughter D'Anne felt that he was murdered to coverup the events to come Dan Burley died on Oct 29, 1962.

Dan Burley was the real hub of the Black Pressed covered up because of the issue of those who sought to coverup facts of what really happened in history.

The D'Anne Burley Show can be heard on internet Radio by going to  Mon-Fri from 6-7 pm central time and then on Saturday on  Republic Broadcasting from 10pm -12am central standard time both programs are live and take callers.

We also offer up a invetigative Unit to citzens who have been victimized within the system of Government, within the lack of investigation, and also where their are elements of Racism, Civil Rights Abuse, and injustice assistance and referals with some of these cases being bought on the air.

If you have a story, need help and are seeking to get the truth heard your at the right place.

This program is a part of the D'Anne Burley Show and all material within is copywritten and is a part of the D'Anne Burley. The Use of this Material must be requested by contacting D'Anne Burley by phone, E-Mail and or by mail. Phone 1-847-594-1620 e-mail mailing addresss P O Box 13019, Chicago, Illinois 60613. D'Anne Burley reserves all rights to current and prior Televised and or Radio Broadcast programming.

On 2/19/07, shooter586 wrote:

--- In, "Andy at Exodus2006"
> I watched this last night and it wasn't too bad. The BBC are quite
good at this type of thing, they present both sides reasonably
fairly, which is ok because the truth movement rarely get a fair
presentation. So they showed WTC 7 going down, from several angles,
and with Alex Jones saying "that can only be an intentional
demolition", and they named the tenants in that building, and they
quoted NIST saying their best guess had only a "low probability".
> They showed the squibs coming out of the towers. Loads of stuff
that would be a revelation to most people who have not seen Loose
Change already.
> Andy

Squibs? Did you ever tell us what a squib was? I have an interesting
question. Who first told you what a squib was? Why did you believe
that person?

How long has Alex Jones been in the demolition industry to make a
claim of a building that collapsed behind another building? Without
seeing the initial collapse point, how can anybody make that claim?
Especially with a "it can only be" certainty?



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