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The coming war between the USA and Iran is about to erupt, and change the geo-political landscape of the world more dramatically than any time in recent history.

Few comprehend how close the total destruction is for the people of the United States and Britain. After dominating the globe for the last 200 years, the end is rapidly approaching for the Anglo-Saxon nations.

Life seemingly is going on much as ever. People are busy buying and selling. Property prices, share markets and consumer spending are all up, with many believing that the good times will just continue rolling on.

Yet disaster waits just over the horizon.

The USA and Britain is being sucked into a fatal war with Iran – a war which will trigger off a sequence of events with disastrous consequences to these two nations. It will reshape the geo-political landscape of the world. President Bush is sincere when he says he does not want war with Iran, but the USA is been drawn into one regardless. As a result of the folly of invading Iraq, the Western media assumes that President Bush also wishes to attack Iran. This time, it is not the US who wishes war, but Iran. The current situation is quite different to the events that lead up to the illegal invasion of Iraq.

Iran’s President Ahmadinejad has experienced an apocalyptic vision of the coming end of this age that will hasten the awaited return of the 12th Imam, known as the Mahdi. "The ultimate promise of all Divine religions," says Ahmadinejad, "will be fulfilled with the emergence of a perfect human being [the 12th Imam], who is heir to all prophets. He will lead the world to justice and absolute peace. Oh mighty Lord, I pray to you to hasten the emergence of your last repository, the promised one." He believes that the return of the Imam, AWOL for 11 centuries, is only two years away. He believes that this war against the West and Israel must now take place as a fulfilment of this prophecy.

This, and Ahmadinejad’s belief that America and Israel must be destroyed, is leading Iran and the USA into a deadly conflict, and a war which will reshape global politics for years to come. President Ahmadinejad wants war with the United States, believing that this will be a fulfilment of prophecy, and that he is doing the will of Allah. His vulnerable political position will also be strengthen was war breaks out – a war which he will blame the USA and Israel for starting. Yet it will be Iran which will trigger off this war by provoking America into the conflict.

What will be the outcome to this conflict? Who will be the winners?

A war with the USA will cause massive destruction to Iran military capacity, but it will even be more damaging strategically to the USA military and economically. The USA military, already over-stretched with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, does not have the reserves to wage a long war. Even worse, the war with Iran will be the final breaking point of the US economy. This war will lead to a lack of confidence in the US economy. Already massively in debt, partly as a result of the quagmire in Iraq, the USA is in no position financially or military to become involved in another Middle East conflict.

War with Iran will see oil prices go through the roof, crippling the debt-ridden global financial markets, causing wide-spread financial panic, and a massive sell-off of over-inflated global assets. It will trigger a run on those currencies that have become depended on borrowing from Asia to finance their deficits (especially the US dollar), and result in their total collapse.

Panic withdrawal by international investors from US banks will quickly follow, drying up bank liquidity, forcing banks to cease all lending and calling up loans as the fall due. The Federal Reserve may try and prop up the banking system by creating credit, but this will only accelerate the collapse in the dollar, followed by massive inflation. There will be widespread defaults, bankruptcies, and a melt-down of the economy.

The collapse of the Anglo-Saxon economies will also mean the collapse of their military infrastructure, and the withdrawal of American and British troops from the Middle East and their bases around the globe. Wide-spread famine will follow, along with disease, starvation and a break-down of law and order.

War with Iran will quickly see a re-aligning of global power blocs. Iran will close off the Strait of Hormuz, cutting the world off two-fifths of the world’s supply of oil. This will have a particular damaging impact on the Asians economies. They will blame the USA for this conflict.

Europe will also be badly hurt, though not to the same extent as Asia and the Anglo-Saxon nations. The crisis will force the Europeans to quickly settle their domestic political differences in order to deal with the emerging crisis. The EU constitution will quickly be ratified by those nations which have accepted it and a single President appointed. There will emerge a United States of Europe – a single power bloc with a unified military force and political system.

Events will unfold quickly once war breaks out. Iran will put up strong resistance to a conflict with the USA. This war will involve much more than just Iran. It will involve the entire Persian Gulf. Iran will receive support from the Shiite Muslim nations. Israel will support the USA in trying to destroy Iran’s military and nuclear facilities. Iran will try and spread the conflict outside its boundaries, even spreading the conflict to the USA itself through terrorist acts. The Shiites in Iraq will ally themselves with Iran, hastening the US defeat and withdrawal from Iraq.

Two new power blocs will emerge with the collapse of the USA and Britain. A united Europe will emerge to secure their oil supplies from the Middle East, and fill the military vacuum created by the withdrawal of American forces. Competing for these resources will be the Asian bloc, which is even more depended on Middle East oil than Europe.

Israel military planners have the assault on Iran needs to take place before the end of March, 2007. The US has two naval battle fleets now in place in the Persian Gulf to launch this attack. Iran’s rejection of the UN resolution to stop enriching uranium has provided some political legitimacy for an attack against Iran to begin.

The coming events will happen so quickly, that many in the USA and Britain will wonder what has happened. These events are about to unfold on the unsuspecting and ill-prepared Anglo-Saxon nations, deceived by their false religious leaders and their pursuit of the god of materialism. We are about to see the beginning of the climatic end-time events prophesied in the Bible.

Bruce Porteous

24 February, 2007

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