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9/11 This is a bombshell and must be distributed widely!
Tue Feb 27, 2007 00:10

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Subject: [truthabout911] 911 bombshell
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007 02:49:36 -0000
From: reggie501

This video was released earlier today but in an obvious attempt at a
cover up Google removed the video. Here is another on line copy of it...

Download this fast and copy it. Distribute it widely as well!

The BBC's news broadcasters described in detail how the collapse of
WTC 7 occurred. The problem is that they did this over 20 minutes
before it actually collapsed. In what clearly seems to be a
pre-written cover story the reporters are explaining the details of
the collapse. They explain that the building was damaged due to
falling debris and that it collapsed as a result.

The problem is that the building is standing RIGHT BEHIND THE REPORTER
as she is reading the report!

This is a clear example of how a cover story is readied for state
sponsored terrorism. A similar situation happened during the Kennedy
assassination when overseas news agencies were reporting on the
details of Lee Harvey Oswald's bio and explaining that he was a sole
assassin, yet this was being reported before Oswald was even arrested!
His identity was not even known to Dallas police at the time!

Down load this video. This is a smoking gun. This clear proof that the
collapse of WTC7 was expected expected and an explanation for it's
improbalbe impossible collapse was indeed prepared in advance and
distributed to the press. Fortunately for the 9/11 truth movement the
BBC blew it and read the cover story before the event took place!

This is a bombshell and must be distributed widely!
Jesse, Editor -

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