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The following is the full text of the Nuremberg Declaration delivered to
the head of the Documentation Center for the Crimes of the Nazi Party,
the group responsible for maintaining Room 600 in the Nuremberg
Courthouse where Nazi leaders were tried and convicted of war crimes in
1945 and 1946. *The declaration calls on the United States to reverse
the decision of the Bush administration and re-sign and ratify the
International Criminal Court treaty* (Rome statute).


*on International Criminal Court*

The Nuremberg War Trials marked the birth date of a new age in
international law -- the creation of an International Tribunal to try
war criminals. Mr. Robert Jackson, the Allied Forces' Chief Prosecutor,
stated on various occasions in 1945 that, "the U.S. itself will be bound
in the future by the rules they are imposing on the German war criminals
in Nuremberg today.

Fifty seven years elapsed between the Nuremberg War Trials and the
commissioning of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague on
July 1, 2002. However, the United States, under the presidency of
*George W. Bush,* did not participate in the foundation of the ICC.
*Instead, the Bush administration threatened the use of military forces
in the event that an American national was ever tried before the ICC*.

The continued refusal of the United States government to become a party
to the ICC is an ongoing violation of the promises made at Nuremberg in
1945. *The conduct exhibited by the United States over 61 years
constitutes a breach of good faith proclaimed in 1945*. A breach of
faith that contravenes the moral basis for the Nuremberg War Trials of
1945 and is a lasting obstacle to the efforts of all peaceful nations
that believe in the rule of law. Americans are urged to encourage their
government to fulfill the promises made by Robert Jackson at Nuremberg
in 1945 and become a party to the ICC as soon as practicable.

*Declared on the Documentation Center former Nazi Party parade grounds,
Nuremberg, Germany, Dec. 7, 2006*.

There were six original signers of the declaration and it may be
available for signatures by visitors to the Nuremberg Courthouse. We are
also *soliciting signatures* for the Nuremberg Declaration by
professionals from various sectors, including current and/or past
affiliations. The following sectors are included:

1. *Current and former members of legislatures* -- national,
state/provincial/territorial, local/municipal.

2. *Current and former executive government officials* -- national,
state/provincial, local/municipal, tribal and territorial. (e.g.,
governors, mayors, county executives).

3. *Current and former jurists* -- national,
state/provincial/territorial, local/municipal.

4. *Members of the Fourth Estate*, the press/media, publishers, editors,

5. *Officials and faculty of educational institutions.*

6. *Legal professionals.*

7. *Members of the clergy/lay* *leadership.*

8. *Current and former members of the diplomatic corps.*

9. *Current and former non-governmental organization (NGO) officials*

10. *Current and former members of the military.*

11. *Current and former trade union officials*.

12. *Current and former business community officials*.

13. *Current and former intelligence agency and law enforcement officers*.

14. *Members of the film, art, literature, sports, and entertainment

15. *Political party officials.*

Signatures can be sent to:

mreditor@waynemadsenreport.com *

*(no criminal or compromised signatories should be permitted, as all
responsible would be eventually called to the stand, under a NCLB (No
Criminal Left Behind) Protocol.]*


The current plans are to collect signatures from Nuremberg and from
e-mail and present them, along with the Nuremberg Declaration, to the
relevant congressional committees with a view to persuade them to
initiate the proper legislation to ensure that the United States becomes
a full party to the International Criminal Court and agree to *hand
over* for prosecution those American officials who violated the Paris
Peace Pact of 1928, the UN Charter, and the Geneva Conventions. The ICC
treaty has been ratified by 104 nations, including Afghanistan,
Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Croatia, France, Germany,
Italy, Mexico, Serbia, South Africa, United Kingdom, and Venezuela.
*Iraq's Transitional National Government was set to ratify the treaty
but reversed course after pressure was exerted by the United States.
*The following nations are in the process of ratifying the ICC treaty:
Chile, Czech Republic, Guatemala, Japan, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand,
Turkey, Ukraine, and Yemen.* Israel "de-signed" the ICC treaty at the
same time the Bush administration withdrew its signature. *

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