Sat Feb 26, 2005 05:26

I am a freshman psychology at the university of Utrecht in the Netherlands.

I am a victim too I have seen people in a mental hospital in Amersfoort in a cel with camera and microphones. I have kept there by justice without any reason for 4 weeks in isolation.
People without permission put me asleep I waked op to early.
I found a white capsule with a black code on it 8 cyphers, I had to give it back and they left. A woman with a stethoscope wearing a black dress and a man from the hospitalin white where seen.but did not talk.
Even my friend who lives with me for 35 years could enter this room.
I am now married but the problem continues because every time I have to hear go for some medicine an for a psychiatrist.
I have this problems in America and in South Africa too and always in Dutch.

The police and justice do the same. Lawyers and hospitals too.
Ton Hoogeboom
J.Postsr. 216
3762 VS Soest
If you want more info
You can visit me I have more info

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