The Ultimate
The Ultimate.
Fri Feb 25, 2005 14:24

The Ultimate

Yelling out the sirens of truth is what is needed in the world today. What Iím showing is factual and real. For me, I will permanently say whatís on my mind and I donít hold back my opinion. This President Bush is a Satanist in the secret orders of Skulls and Bones and the Bohemian Grove. Prescott Bush, George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush are apart of the 13th Merovingian bloodline, which is a very powerful family of the New World Order. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, etc. are all in this bloodline as well. All of British Royalty are apart of the Merovingians like Prince Charles and even Dan Quayle.

Some bible scholars take it step further and claim that the Merovingians originated from the tribe of Dan (whose symbol was an eagle and the snake) which will proceed the Antichrist. Now, British Freemasonry works with the Royals. The Order of the Garter is now head over all worldwide Freemasonry (even 33rd Degree Freemasons). The U.S./U.K. Committee of 300 with the rest of the Illuminati runs the whole world.

George W. Bush even dressed in drag while he was in Yale University as a cheerleader. I keep on thinking that this present American country was all mapped out centuries before 1776. Christopher Columbus (whom Jewish scholar, Eliezer Segal has put legitimate evidence that Columbus might be a Spanish Jewish person) was sponsored to travel to America by Leonardo Da Vinci, the Grand Master of the Pierre de Sion. I

n fact, Francis Bacon (1561-1626) wrote of a book called New Atlantis [published in 1627] detailing America to have flying and undersea vehicles, half-mile-high buildings, and great technological advancement developed by scientists. Bacon was a Rosicrucian [plus invented the Knights of the Helmet] and knew of the whole Elite plan. That plan was to create America as a New Atlantis and become the ďSuper copĒ of the world. In other words, we were the battering ram of the globalist policies while those who planned it will stir clear of criticism.

Eventually, they want America conquered or even destroyed. Even Elizabeth van Burenís ďThe Secret of the IlluminatiĒ mentioned that Bacon planned the colonization of the Western Hemisphere as a democratic commonwealth of states. Many of the Founding Fathers were Freemasons (like almost half of our Presidents at least), Deists, etc.

These guys used occult symbolism and one example is the date of July 4, 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed was 66 days after Beltane, a Satanic High unholy day. Obviously the construction of Washington D.C. was implanted with a Masonic occult grid filled with Pentagrams, Square, Compass, etc. One of its main makers was LíEnfant, a French Freemason. The good news is that Bible-believing Christians were also in early America spreading the Gospel of Christ like John Jay, John Quincy Adams, Daniel Webster, John Wesley, etc. Manly P. Hall [a 33rd Degree Freemason and Luciferian] mention in his ďThe Secret Destiny of AmericaĒ that America was used to be a stepping stone to create a new era in the world. It was all devised by the Illuminists and Hall called them the Order of the Quest.

Stewart Best and others have made the right point that the prophet Daniel in the Bible was describing Americaís seal. Now, evil enemies seek to slander real freedom fighters of the New World Order and other people. Individuals want to lie and say that Texe Marrs is anti-Semitic (when he isnít though I disagree with Texe slightly on Israel). They are trying to lie about Alex Jones, WING TV, Jack Blood, and even me at times. Regardless of that, my mind is fortunately lightning fast, with words that are elaborately conveyed. Iím smart, so these little distractions arenít a threat to me because we have God on our side.

H.R. 218 is promoted by many Congressmen under the guise of illegal immigration. Actually, Ron Paul detailed that 218 has nothing to do with illegal aliens. Itís about making an uniform national I.D. system for all Americans. Paul even said that the bill has provisions that include sick biometric systems like RFID, retina scans, etc. It also shares database information between Mexico and Canada making it sick since our privacy is diverted all over various areas without our permission at all.

The biometric perverted system is going even stronger than Iíve thought it would go. The problem is worldwide not just in the United States. One example is in South Africa. In that country, the U.N. forced newly born babies to have registered every baby after birth and even Archbishop Desmond Tutu is supporting this trash. China is planning to have by 2020 to have 100 satellites to track every corner of the country. Reuters in November 16 2004 wrote an article on this strange, sinister plot.

Many individuals want the Super RFID chips to come strongly in 2015. World Daily Net News reported this in February 23, 2005. In Los Angeles, the LAPD instituted cameras all over the city to watch traffic, parks, and city streets. Wired News written an article about how the University of California put barcodes on cadavers to keep track of them. Even near where Iím from, in Virginia Beach, the state legislature is considering using cameras on red lights all over that city. Great news is that the red lights having cameras proposal is dead by the legislature. All of this is a pretext for the assembling of the Mark of the Beast required for everyone to follow. Anyone who refuses will not eat or drink or buy anything. What kind of a world do we have?

The Bible calls us to hate this sinful world, so this world is not for my allegiance. My allegiance is not to the world or America 100%, but to God alone. As for euthanasia, Iíve been against it, but I never really heard much about it until late 1996 when I was in the 8th grade. The most famous example of it involves Terri Schiavo, who by all evidence, is moving and communicating, despite being in a bad condition. I donít support euthanasia for its not only murder, but reminisces of Nazi Germany with Adolf Hitler who supported genetic engineering, gun control, abortion, and the suspension of civil liberties. I hate the culture of death with its support of the murder of the mentally ill, handicapped, unborn, and terminally ill. That makes me sick for life matters, life is a gift from God, and the killing of innocent life is truly evil and a sin. Really, Iím sick of death, torture, illegal war, and injustice. No wonder Almighty God is angry at America.

Weíve been so complacent and cowardly to act. We want to compromise, but there is no victory without struggle and no realization of truth without persecution and ridicule. You donít live to smell the rose all of the time, but sometimes a man has to suffer problems to realize the important duty in life is to follow God and his commandments. Thatís life. Thatís our goal. Schiavoís own parents believe that newer testing and treatment can radically change her condition. The court case has been going on into limbo for a while. 48-hour delay is the judgeís decision to make up his own mind on whether Terri lives or dies. Sheís presently hooked up to a feeding tube to receive food and water. Today, the judge will decide whether to help her or kill her at 5 pm.

As for 9/11 information, Paul Cellucci, a D.C. envoy to Canada says that Bush ordered a F-16 to shoot down Flight 93 down by a Canadian general (from orders from Bush). Purely one more piece of evidence making the mainstream account of 9/11 a lie. A lot of people know realize what occurred in 9.11 today. The war on terrorism is fake. Itís about a Thesis (CIA/U.S. government created Osama bin Laden/Al-Qaeda) then an antithesis (9/11) to make a synthesis or reaction (fake war on terror). In a nut shield that's what it is all about. Osama and many of his ilks are related to the Masonic Muslim Brotherhood.

Many multinational corporations are like bloodsuckers in gloating over the profits their receiving in this configuration like the Carlyle Group. The CEO of it is Frank C. Carlucci, who is a member of the Knights of Malta (an organization whoís involved in many events like WWI, WWII, the JFK assassination, the spreading of AIDS in the globe, plus other evil deeds. The Jesuit Order controls them and the Jesuits are run by the Black Pope whoís name in Kolvenbach). So, the Vatican is apart of the global government plan.

Indeed the Jesuits (with its high level Knights of Malta), Freemasons, and the rest of the Illuminati run all of the governments, run multinational corporations, and devise wars to geo-political aims. They are not only earning billions of dollars in contracts, but they are in a joint venture with the QinetiO Group with the UK's Ministry of Defense. They own the Foster-Miller Company and Foster-Miller are creating SWORDs (Special Weapons Observation Reconnaissance Detection Systems), which are 1 meter tall robots to act as surveillance inside Iraq.

These robots have a video screen, rifle, joysticks, batteries, and can walk over rocks and barred wire. The Beast churns. In Iraq, I just found out that William H.T. "Bucky" Bush, George W. Bushís uncle and youngest brother of Bush 41, cashed in almost $500,000 in ESSI (Engineered Support Systems Inc.) ESSI is a defense contractor based in St. Louis and William is a board member of the company sending body armor and other supplies to Iraq.

So, the Bush Crime Family with their allies are benefiting off the death and suffering of American G.I.s and Iraqi civilians. They are the ones who are against the troops. They lead many of them to be MIA and some contract diseases like Gulf War syndrome with no immediate aide. Also, they only recently decided to give the troop health benefits. Bush 41 and Bush 43 are Eichmans. The Secret Societies are little Eichmans and all the rest of those evil Satanists are Eichmans as well.

I congratulate a lot of the real Patriots and real Evangelical/Fundamental Christians opposing Bush. I know fundamentalists disagreeing with Bush like Cutting Edge Ministries on the day he was first Inaugurated at January 2001. Actually, Bush doesnít even care for Bible-Believing Christians. On the secret tapes recorded by Doug Weed have him trying to use code words to con Christians to vote for him. Also, Bush 43 believes that Muslims and Christians worship the same god, he bowed in a Shinto Shrine, he denies the infallibility of the Bible, refuse to repent for being apart of Secret Societies.

Plus, George W. Bush is tight with Billy Graham, a 33rd Degree Freemason who promotes compromise and apostasy. What we need to do is obvious. I call out names and you know this. You have World Net Daily whoís in love with Bush most of the time. Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, Bill OíReilly, Michael Horowitz, Brit Hume, John Gibson, John Kasich, Michael Medved, Joe Scarborough, and others are Neo-Cons given us the water-down diatribe of the world.

Mostly, the place a left/right paradigm on people with constantly conflict, so people can live in confusing to not do anything about the situation in the world. They had no justification for the war in Iraq, for the Patriot Act, and for many occurrences, so they are ridding a dead horse of lies. Alex Jones did a good thing by mentioning about new tools by the police state with a 05 HAI EXPO, a mainstream Rotorcraft publication "VERTICAL" Feb-March 05 .The magazine presents a 'Army Armed Recon Helicopter' has a man seated to the exterior of the helicopter which isnít necessary for a man to be seated.

This is the new screws of the black storm trooper inventions. John Gannon (speaking for Talon News) being exposed as a shill for George W. Bush to ask him snowball questions is the condition of the disease of the Bush White House. Tons of researchers know that his real name is James Guckert and he was a gay prostitute display lewd pictures on the Net seeking a male military-type for an escort. He even had special access to the White House. Some folks attempt to tie a Karl Rove connection with Gannon. Letís not forget that foreign troops are abundant in this country to await to enact martial law unto American citizens (with Red, Green, and Blue Lists).

We must educate ourselves, help people to be saved, resist tyranny and evil, warn people, and create exposes yourself. Learn the real truth. Bush & Co. are giving a bad deal and are reprehensible. The visit of Bush to meet with Putin and others is just staged as usual. See, U.S./European bankers help fund Lenin to create the Soviet Union in 1917.

When it dissolved, Putin was a KGB agent, being a member of the globalist intelligence arm. Putin was sent to become President of Russia and since the leadership of Russia are controlled by the Illuminati, Russia is unfortunately used as a tool. Even Gerhard Schroeder of Germany is a Freemason. Now, check this out: According to Freemasonry Watch and their investigation, Dick Cheney is a Freemason who is a Master Mason. Freemasonry again is not of God and is Satanic. What is the ultimate duty for us? Follow God and his commandments. Good luck.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)
February 25, 2005
1:21 pm. EST






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