RE: As someone who worked for DynCorp

RE: As someone who worked for DynCorp
Sat Feb 26, 2005 07:13

Mt. Serle, whether DynCorp supplied your personal travel needs and paid you to travel about the world for the U.S. and its State Department is irrelevant to the fact that spying, assassinations and white slavery have taken place that was operated from within the organization for which you apparently feel compelled to be an apologist.

Just because you have become a jello-head that is incapable of calling a spade a spade or an Empire an Empire, doesn't reduce the slime oozing out of DynCorp, in the name of the American People. Many of us have enjoyed occupations that we entered during a period of ignorant youth, but most of us are at least honest enough to admit things we may have accepted as part of our employment in the beginning were proven to be otherwise.

Many companies and other organizations operate skullduggery under the auspices of legitimacy. DynCorp is one of these right along with the FBI, CIA, HOMOLAND DEFENSE, AIR AMERICA, ... ad nauseum.

All I can say to you Mr. Serle is that most of us tend to ignore the painful truth, choosing to continually remind ourselves of the Red, White and Blue, Apple Pie and Mom. We as a people need to get over the massive poopaganda (bullshit) campaign we have matured under and begin to accept the fact that a criminal cabal of neo-nazi-zionists are in control of America today, as they have controlled other nations from behind the scenes in the past, but they will be dealt with when the threshhold of pain becomes unbearable just as they have been in the past.

You need to get over yourself.

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