boeing debris found at WTC - avaiation guys please help!
boeing debris found at WTC - avaiation guys please help !
Wed Feb 23, 2005 00:03


this is an "overlooked piece, to me at least.
from a video on 911 an officer was filmed "guarding it"
it has a part number, someone should be able to identify ?

Orignal photo here...

i did enlargements hee...

a poster at letsrol911 said this...
Any who,it said"Boeing CSTG 23071G5-2"It's a clear pic but dirt all over the place.

Though, i am not sure if i agree with the numbers?
Did he get that from the video, or the photo?

the stills from the video look like 230T1B5-2
the still from the photo look like 250T1115-2
of course none of these are very good resolution..
(im not usre about ANY of the numbers, just a guess)
BUT can someone with BOEING part number experience find out what the heck this is?

Also i did a search on google, and other engines for...
Boeing CSTG ?

couldnt find much that had to do with a part number?

i put a page here with the info...

original video below...
A look at the World Trade Center tragedy through the eyes of a CNN cameraman (Sept. 12)
direct video


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