That sword

That sword
Wed Feb 23, 2005 16:26

That sword you mention was for fulfilling prophecy only, that Jesus be among the transgressors.

And after the sword was found by a couple of prior fishermen, Jesus told them: it is enough.

And Jesus went to pray.

If Jesus' kingdom were of this world system of force, violence, war then his followers would fight.

But his followers did not fight.

Nor did Jesus.He submitted to the will of God.

And so you are obliged to do likewise.

God does not need to fight as there is no oppositional force to God.

So if you're weilding a weapon, you are not following the willof God.

Does that mean you should be defenseless?

Hell, no! Put on the armor of God, my friend. That is your only safety and security:
Ephisians 6:10
Romans 13:12
1 Thess. 5: 8-9

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