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Tony Clifton
3 Questions - In Good Faith
Fri Feb 20 12:52:10 2004

Houston Attorney to Help Investigate Fake Drugs Case

Dallas (AP) -- A special prosecutor conducting an independent investigation of the Dallas police fake-drugs scandal has picked a Houston defense attorney to help.

Jack Zimmerman is a former prosecutor and prominent defense attorney who represented a top sect member during the 1993 Branch Davidian siege. The Dallas Morning News reports Zimmerman was sworn in as a Dallas County prosecutor yesterday.

The appointment comes in the wake of criticism of Dallas County District Attorney Bill Hill for appointing former Dallas County prosecutor Dan Hagood to lead the probe. Critics questioned whether anyone with links to Dallas criminal justice circles could objectively investigate the matter.

Zimmerman and Hagood aren't saying what the Houstonian's role will be in the investigation.

Dozens of innocent Mexican immigrants were jailed in 2001 after police informants planted on them pool chalk disguised as cocaine.

In November, a federal jury acquitted police Senior Corporal Mark De La Paz, who's the only police officer charged in the scandal.
http://www.wbap.com/showdj.asp?DJID=1397  =============Mark Davis has Dr. Derrell Bock [ DARRELL L. BOCK
Research Professor of New Testament Studies, Professor of Spiritual Development and Culture
B.A., University of Texas at Austin, 1975; Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary, 1979; Ph.D., University of Aberdeen, 1983; postdoctoral study, Tübingen University.

Dr. Bock has earned international recognition as a Humboldt Scholar (Tübingen University in Germany) and for his groundbreaking work in Luke-Acts and in Jesus’ examination before the Jews. He was president of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) for 2000–2001, and serves as corresponding editor for Christianity Today. His articles appear in leading journals and periodicals, including many secular publications such as the Los Angeles Times and the Dallas Morning News. He also serves on staff and is an elder at Trinity Fellowship Church.]................................................................................................................. Could you ask Dr. Bock to comment on the Temple Veil Matthew 27:51. The Symbolic significance. 2] And for a clarification on the relationship between the "Moneychangers" and the Messiah, and how many times did the Messiah scourge the Moneychangers. What law were they moneychangers violating. 3]A Clarification on what Good Faith means. thank you.

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