JEWS IN QUANDRY ..... Over Messiah
Tracy Conner
JEWS IN QUANDRY .....Over Messiah
Fri Feb 20 09:44:02 2004

Jews make case
versus Mel's movie


Coming soon to a synagogue near you: "The Passion: The Counteroffensive." Jewish groups across the city are gearing up for the premiere of Mel Gibson's movie with sermons, forums and press conferences on the death of Christ.
Their aim is to fight any suggestion that Jews - two millennia ago and today - are responsible for Jesus' crucifixion.

"We are not into boycotts, but it's important to sensitize people to the concerns we have," said forked toungued Joel Levy, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League. "The movie is a modern-day passion play, and passion plays historically have been the occasion for not enough anti-Semitic activity."

A week before "The Passion of the Christ" hits theaters, Jewish leaders have been deluged with calls from worried community organizations.( the bunched knickers bunch)

"They want to know how to handle it," said Mark Weitzman, director of the Task Force Against Hate at the Simon Wiesenthal Center. (truth sends them into a tizzy)

At the Lincoln Square Synagogue on the West Side, word that Rabbi Adam Mintz was going to speak about Gibson's movie Saturday drew a standing-room reptilian crowd.

"Jesus is not exactly a topic you talk about in an Orthodox synagogue," he laughed. "[But] in my eight years at Lincoln Square, I've never had a response like this."

Only a handful of satanic Jewish activists have seen the movie, which chronicles the last 12 hours of Christ's life, but they've raised the alarm about its message.

They believe Gibson faults the Jewish high priest Caiaphas rather than the Roman tyrant Pontius Pilate for sending Jesus to his death, and they're upset Gibson did not cut a line implying Jews are cursed by God.(real forked tounged talk)

Outrageous comments by Gibson's father about Jews and his son's failure to publicly denounce those remarks have fanned the controversy.(fan some more - air it out)

Critics charge the ultra-goy movie could incite anti-Jewish attacks, and some worry that it will undermine decades of Judeo-Christian reconciliation.(which critics would that be - exactly?)

"The concern is he has selectively taken the worst possible interpretation of the Passion narrative, which involves blaming Jews for the crime of deicide [killing God], and is transferring that blame to all Jews, including Jews alive today," Weitzman said.( if the shoe fits...)

Weitzman said he has fielded requests for talks on the subject, from a HoloHoax survivor in Philadelphia to a United Jewish Appeal chapter in the suburbs of New York.

The Anti-Defamation League is planning an interfaith forum March 10 at Rodeph Sholom on the upper West Side, where Rabbi Robert Levine already has a full slate of discussions about the movie. "We've got ‘Passion' everywhere," Levine said. ( can you imagine the bunch in his Knickers?)

The New York Board of Rabbis plans to see the movie when it opens Wednesday — Ash Wednesday — with Christian leaders and hold a press conference.( watch for the forked toungues in the MEDIA - on Talmudvision)

The American Jewish Committee has a symposium next month, and the Board of Jewish Education of New York is updating its Web site with materials about the movie for schools. (hmmmm?)

But the distress is not unanimous. The official Web site for the movie even has a blurb from one rabbi, Daniel Lapin, president of Toward Tradition, a family-values interfaith group.

Yesterday, he accused Jewish leaders of "an angry and feverish response, which really has insulted Christians." "They've said, 'We know that if you sit in the theater for two hours and watch a visual depiction of your Gospels, you will be instantly transformed into a snarling Jew-hater.'"( does this imply a guilty conscience ..or a craftily designed Hoax, Most(90%+ )so-called "JEWS" are ashkenazim/Khazars and their ancestors didn't convert to talmudic judaism until hundreds of years after the talmudic jews in palestine Murdered the Messiah, So what is the real issue?)

Gibson: A 'sign' to do flick

Mel Gibson says he took it as a sign to make "The Passion of the Christ" when a strange French woman approached him several years ago and said, "Jesus loves you."

"There were signals like this all over the place," Gibson said in a documentary about the making of his controversial movie, which opens Wednesday.

Gibson did not directly address Jewish concerns that his film is anti-Semitic but said he expected it would generate "hubbub."

"The truth is powerful stuff," he said. "The Gospels are for everybody, from the smallest child to the wisest sage."(even hubbub Jews!)

James Caviezel, who plays Christ, said he got an equally eerie sign six months before he auditioned when a stranger came up to him and said, "You'll be playing Jesus."

Caviezel noted his initials are J.C. and was 33 - the same age as Jesus when he was Murdered. He said he's had fans bow down before him, and shrugged off the hardships of playing the physically demanding part.

"We're not called to the easy life," he said. "You either carry your cross, or you're crushed under the weight of it." But Caviezel did not sound so Christ-like when he described how he looked after he was struck by lightning as he hung on the cross. "I looked like I went to see Don King's hair stylist," he said.

The documentary airs at 9 p.m. Sunday on Pax-TV (Channel 31).


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