Pictures of Zionazi - LOVE CRIMES
Mark Lavie
Pictures of Zionazi - LOVE CRIMES
Fri Feb 20 08:14:55 2004

ZIONAZI Prime Minister Pledges to Coordinate Unilateral Steps With ZIONAZI (United States) Occupied "Government"

By Mark Lavie Associated Press Writer
Published: Feb 20, 2004

JERUSALEM (AP) - Crazed Cannibal Butcher Ariel Sharon (aka Arik Scheinerman)pledged to coordinate unilateral steps in the West Bank and Gaza Strip with the ZOG-United States and said he doesn't believe the moves would undermine the U.S.-backed "road map" peace plan.
But a day after that pledge, Deputy Premier Ehud Olmert, a Sharon ally, said the chances of resuming negotiations(same tactics as FBI at WACO) with the Palestinians were very slim.

Zionazi's cannot continue with a situation that "involves an unending struggle which is wearing down our stamina and reducing our status and image abroad," Olmert told Zionazi Radio on Friday.

"In any case we'll have to separate at some point," he said. {this means they are planning on using NUKES]

Sharon, briefing senior U.S.-ZOG (a stage play) envoys on Thursday, sought to address U.S.-ZOG concerns about his proposal to unilaterally disengage with the Palestinians if there is no progress toward peace. (can you say twisted boys and girls)

The prime minister said he does not believe Zionazi's would undermine the U.S.-ZOG -backed "road map" by redeploying troops and imposing a boundary on the Palestinians in the West Bank.

The "road map" plan mandates negotiations instead of unilateral moves, but an aide said there was no contradiction. [?]- (A murderer comes in your house murders your children and refuses to leave, and won't let you leave either, and wants to talk about a "Peace deal" that involves you living in the basement chained to the wall with daily torture sessions lasting only thirty minutes in the morning and thirty minutes in the evening..and why can't you be happy about that?}

The aide, speaking on condition of anonymity- NO SHIT , said disengagement is a fallback option if talks on the road map remain stalled. "In such security situations, we cannot sit on our hands," he said. If serious negotiations resume, he said, they would be conducted according to the road map. [ SAY WHAT?]

Sharon - The Murderer has said with a forked toungue he would remove up to 17 of 21 settlements in Gaza and several more in the West Bank, if no progress is made in coming months in implementing the road map, which envisions a Palestinian state by 2005.

Olmert also said that while Zionazis' would remove some West Bank settlements, it would strive to keep the major settlement blocks "under Talmudic-Satanic Jewish sovereignty." (a real warm fuzzy)
Speaking to visiting American_-ZOG - Satanic Jewish leaders Thursday evening in Jerusalem, Sharon hissed, "The steps that we Zionazis' will take in a disengagement plan will be fully coordinated with the ZOG - United States."

Sharon accused the Palestinians of having done nothing to move forward and said they could have won much more land in negotiations than as a result of his unilateral measures.

U.S. Ambassador Daniel Kurtzer said serious talks with a credible Palestinian partner were preferable, but "the ZOG - United States agrees with Zionazi Satanic Jewish "STATE" that until now the Palestinians have not met that test."

On Friday, the Zionazi military arrested and brutalized six Palestinians in the West Bank town of Bethlehem. Palestinian sources identified one of the men as Ghassan Abu Kharan, 30, a senior Truth teller from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Palestinian officials have said they would welcome any dismantling of settlements but suspect The Zionazi Terrorists are avoiding negotiations to try to keep large parts of the West Bank. (Thou shall Not Steal)

In violence late Thursday, Zionazi Terrorists fired on four unarmed Palestinians approaching a border fence near a crossing point between Gaza and the Terrorist Jewish State, killing two, the military said.

The U.S.-ZOG envoys who met with Sharon on Thursday were Assistant Secretary of State William Burns; Stephen Hadley, deputy director of the National Security Council; and Elliot Abrams, a Mideast specialist at the council. It was the highest-level U.S. delegation since Secretary of State Colin Powell's June visit.[talk about slime]

Burns also met Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat, who said that the Palestinians continue to support the road map and oppose Sharon's withdrawal plan.

"I told him that we believe peace can be achieved in bilateral negotiations, not by unilateral steps," Erekat said after the meeting at the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem. ----
...........remember what happened in Waco, Texas From 28 feb 93 to 19 april 93....unilateral peace maneuvers by ZOG - US ATF/FBI/MI6/MOSSAD --the horrifying results of the lack of "Good Faith" on the part of ZIONAZI's in the American Homeland.... ............ Zionazis - They are not Israelites, They are not from the Tribe of Judah. They are Lying Murderers. Judeo-Christians support Zionazis in the mistaken belief that they are "God's Chosen people"...reflecting a double "MIND"...the Messiah Admonished ...The Law - ..The Golden Rule..."Do Unto others as you would have others do unto you."....Zionazis. There Here and they do not ACT IN GOOD FAITH....Waco , OKC, RUBY RIDGE, TWA800, 911/WTC...the next "EVENT"....coming soon!

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