Bruce Jones
Fri Feb 20 14:14:14 2004

An ironical look at a patriot eager to join the "American Holy War Against Terrorism" -- AHWAT?
By Bruce E. Jones

An Open Letter To President Bush From A Patriot

Dear President George Walker Bush:

I am a Vietnam vet, perhaps too old to again be a fighter for freedom, but I want to enlist in the American Holy War Against Terrorism (AHWAT). Clearly, we have a whole bunch of serious work and fighting ahead of us, and I say, bring it on!

I think you and your associates have now settled on the justification for your unilateral invasion of Iraq as having been: 1) good for the Iraqi people, which makes me feel warm and fuzzy, and 2) good for the world, because it got rid of a madman who exploited and killed his own people and neighbors.

Right on! We got rid of that son of a gun, didn’t we? When the Kurds captured Saddam (and so generously stepped out of the limelight, I might add), I had a good night’s sleep after weeks of nightmares from watching embedded journalists reporting on their immediate surroundings and the sand being blown in their eyes. (What a nightmare I had! Smoke and mirrors kept spinning around my head -- or was I watching a White House press conference?)

Now let’s extend our pristine logic and move to the next plateau. The Ayatollah of Iran sucks, too, doesn’t he? He’s just like that old fart who grabbed all those American hostages back in Carter’s term. He oppresses his people, suppresses democracy, harbors terrorists, kills his neighbors, and does many other rude things. So now that we have the “Mission Completed” in Afghanistan and Iraq, we can shift our forces toward that side of the Axis of Evil.

Or should we go get neo-fascist, pretend-friend Pakistan, where we know terrorists are tolerated, where nuclear technology is being exported to bad guys, where people are not always nice. We can at least hold back from trashing Libya until our Intelligence services discover (yeah, right) that Khadafi is just pulling our chain. Anyway, he’s just a Colonel.

What about China, North Korea, Vietnam and Cuba? The Cold War isn’t really over, and they are still godless communists. Don’t your patrons, the Religious Right, demand that we do them too? Just because we tried unsuccessfully before shouldn’t stop us now. The lessons of history don’t seem to mean much to your Administration.

Of course, the good news is that we have troops in Korea, so we can begin that campaign right away. Clearly, ol’ Chairman Kim is a nuked-out madman who makes Saddam look like a scholar. Let’s get moving on that no-brainer, George.

By the way, how do the Israelis and the Palestinians fit into all this? Shouldn’t your “Roadmap for Peace” simply become a tactical map for occupation of this entire bunch of misfits so we can force them to get along with each other? There’s nothing like a bayonet to ensure peace.

I also am suspicious of Canada. Like all good Americans, I know absolutely nothing about Canadians, but I have to believe they are a clear and present, imminent, gathering, and, generally, real bad threat to the United States, because they all live right along that border, hanging out just above us! Anytime, those sneaky bastards can slip on in and do their will. We can design a new flag for 51 states, hey?

So, your new world view and foreign policy seems to boil down to, “We will kick the ass of any foreign folks who don’t play well with others, like we tell them to.” So let’s get going and turn the world into an American sand box. Right? It’s a small world, after all, especially if we occupy it. Damn it, they’re either for us or against us!

Bruce E. Jones

Bruce Jones served in Vietnam in 1967-68. An American patriot, he who will wear his flag pin when the Bush Administration comes to an end. You can email your comments to Bruce at

Posted Wednesday, February 18, 2004

It’s too bad the Chickenhawks in Washington have ignored the words of this old soldier.
By Mick Youther
Dwight D. Eisenhower was the first President I remember. I saw him as a doddering old bald guy; who played golf a lot, and suffered a heart attack sometime during his presidency. I didn’t have any idea of what he had done in WWII, nor did I care. Presidents were not really a top priority for me at that time. Since then, I’ve learned there was a lot more to Eisenhower, and that he had some very important things to say to America—then and now.


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