Last With Appalling Recess Appointment Of Bill Pryor
Last With Appalling Recess Appointment Of Bill Pryor
Sat Feb 21 01:03:06 2004

For Immediate Release: 2/20/2004
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White House Puts Politics First, Constitution Last With Appalling Recess Appointment Of Bill Pryor

Extremist Nominee Named to Appeals Court Despite Intense Opposition in Senate
Washington – The White House announced on Friday that President Bush has made a recess appointment of Attorney General William Pryor of Alabama to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit. Pryor’s nomination had stalled in the Senate due to strong widespread opposition to his confirmation.

Statement by People For the American Way President Ralph G. Neas on the Recess Appointment of William Pryor:

President Bush keeps finding new ways to demonstrate his contempt for our system of checks and balances and his disrespect for the Senate’s constitutional role of advise and consent on nominations to the federal courts, not to mention Americans’ fundamental rights and liberties. It is hard to recall another president who has been so willing to treat the federal judiciary as a partisan political weapon.

The questionable recess appointment of William Pryor is unfortunately only the latest in a series of moves by the Bush White House calculated to create political confrontation over judges rather than genuine bipartisan dialogue and cooperation. Apparently White House political strategists have decided that the president needs to shore up his disgruntled political base, and that an in-your-face appointment of a right-wing ideologue to the federal bench will help rally the troops.

Unfortunately, Americans, especially those living in the 11th Circuit, may have to live with the consequences of Bush’s action. Pryor’s record demonstrates that he is committed to using the power of his office to push the law far to the right while sacrificing Americans’ rights, liberties, and interests. He has amassed a record of hostility toward the rights and interests of ordinary Americans, including attacks on the authority of Congress to prohibit discrimination and to protect the environment, separation of church and state, reproductive freedom, and equal protection of the laws for gay men and lesbians.

President Bush is dedicated to packing the courts with right-wing judges who will turn back the clock on equal rights, privacy and reproductive freedom, environmental protection and much of the social justice progress we have made in the past half-century. Senators must continue to resist the confirmation of people like William Pryor to lifetime positions on the federal courts.

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Calling all troops in all states -- especially the troops in Georgia, Florida and Alabama. This is not only an Action Alert, it is a RED ALERT!

For Second Time in Five Weeks, Bush Installs Right-Wing Judge Without Senate Approval

In my opinion, George Bush has just put the nail in his own coffin as regards the Presidential election. Bush has not installed a "right-wing" into the 11th Circuit Court. He has installed a criminal in the position of judge in the 11th Circuit Court.

Search google to find articles on Bill Pryor - former Attorney General of Alabama. The opposition is huge. People in Alabama don't want him as their Attorney General because he is treacherous and does not abide by Constitutional Law. Pryor is the man who argued in the Supreme Court FOR the abusive hitching post in Alabama prisons, as a righteous thing to do to human beings.

This is more than understandable, but the TRUTH is that Pryor is not out of Alabama at all as some may think. This criminal of law has now been placed in a position of greater power over Alabama AS WELL as Georgia and Florida. His new position was given to him by George Bush behind your Senators' backs - Bush waited until the Senate recessed and he not only appointed Pryor but the appointment is diametrically opposed to the will of the Senate and the People.

Everyone must write to their Senators now. Tell them that if they do not oppose the appointment of Bill Pryor, they will be voted out of office.

Everyone must write to their prisoners, urging them to write to their families and tell them to write to their Senators. They need to ask each family member to tell two more families to write to their Senators and so on.

Please follow the links below to send an email or fax to News Media and your Senators and then pass this message on to everyone you know. This is important everyone.... We cannot let this man have that much power when he will turn that power over to injustice rather than to serve justice and mankind. Ethics and Integrity should be the criteria here. That's what we are striving for. Sadly, as you can see, ethics and integrity have not entered the picture with this appointment.

To find your US Congressional Senators click on  and follow the map.

Sherry Swiney

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For Second Time in Five Weeks, Bush Installs Right-Wing Judge Without Senate Approval

In another late Friday announcement timed to avoid public attention, President Bush today installed Alabama Attorney General William Pryor on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit without Senate approval. It is the second time in five weeks that Bush has used a recess appointment to place a widely opposed, far-right ideologue on our federal courts.

Apparently Bush is betting that contempt for Americans' fundamental rights and liberties, and for the checks and balances that ensure fair and independent courts, will rally his political base but not turn off more moderate voters or get much public criticism. Our action today can help make sure that strategy doesn't work.

Write your local newspaper, t.v. and radio editors to cast a spotlight on Bush's contempt for the public and their elected representatives in the Senate - Click here.

Then, give Bush and Karl Rove a message: "We will not forget this blatant abuse of power."

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Like Judge Charles Pickering, who Bush recess appointed in January, Pryor has amassed a troubling civil rights record and has used the power of his office to advance his extreme right-wing views.

* Pryor has called Roe v. Wade "the worst abomination of constitutional law in our history."
* Pryor urged the Supreme Court to hold that, under the Americans with Disabilities Act, state employees cannot sue for damages to protect their rights against discrimination.
* Pryor urged the Supreme Court to uphold laws that would imprison gay men and lesbians for having sex in the privacy of their own homes.
* Pryor has defended a state judge who has officially sponsored sectarian prayers in the courtroom before juries and who has installed unconstitutional religious displays of the Ten Commandments in his courtroom and in the state judicial building.

President Bush's actions to pack our courts with right-wing judges and to politicize the judicial confirmation process should be on every citizen's mind. Help make that the case by telling those in your community that it's on your mind right now.

Write a letter to the editor, and contact the White House to let them know you're working this weekend to ensure that all Americans remember this blatant abuse of power.


Help alert the public to President Bush's latest recess appointment and his continuing actions threatening Americans' rights and liberties.

Write and send letters to newspaper, t.v. and radio editors

Second, tell Bush and Rove: "We will not forget this blatant abuse of power."

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