Still standing!
Alan Bacon (sui Juris)
Still standing!
Sat Feb 21 21:26:46 2004

Surviving acts of nature and blunders of man! Tag line for the Bexar County Volunteer Militia. I have been published in the San Antonio Express News. I have been interviewed on Channel 5, 12, 11, 9 . . . no hiding here!

As personnel and communications officer I ended one letter to the editor with; "Join me in filing treason charges against the elected, they swore to uphold the constitution, they are not doing it!"

My motto is: Guns are good for getting food. Guns are good against becoming food.

Don Hammond (Ch. 5) asked several of us if we were anti-government? All but me said yes.

I said; "NO, I am anti-perverted, anti-usurpation, anti-tyrannical, anti-despotic and anti-unconstitutional government!"

By the way, the LAST sentence on the militia in the San Antonio Express News is ME saying that it would make me happy if we could be called "the above".

I was candidate for City Council District 8 - 1995, 97
Candidate for Township Mayor - 1999, 2001, 2003 . . .

I was the original Secretary of Agriculture, Environment, Community and Citizens Survival on the General Council for the Provisional Government in the Republic of Texas - 1995.

What I don't understand, Mr. Mancus, is that NO ONE is buying solutions to lifes' pollutions:

NO ONE is buying information to make us free:

NO ONE is supporting the return to a constitutional republic form of government. AND ESPECIALLY, I cannot seem to get hired AS a freeman!

NOPE! Gotta kow-tow to the criminal fraud of SS# and Income Tax !!! OR DIE (?)

Meek my ASS - as vultures in the desert say; "Patience my ASS, I'm gonna **** me something!"


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