Peter Mancus
Fri Feb 20 23:15:15 2004

16. A few years ago I was at an air show at Beale AFB, CA. An Air Force public affairs officer was telling a group some amazing capabilities of the newer U-2 spy-reconnaissance airplanes. I was dumbfounded by his candor and the specific information he was disclosing. I suspected he was an idiot who was releasing near top secret, if not top secret information, or he was deliberately releasing misinformation. I kept asking him if what he was saying about the U-2 was true, if it was not secret, if he was positive he was correct. He kept telling me that everything he told me was true and none of it was secret. When I asked him why this was being revealed he said the Air Force wanted Saddam Hussein and others like him to know what the modern USAF's capabilities are in the hope that if our enemies know our capabilities they would be deterred from further aggression. Think about that! Instead of keeping your capabilities secret, disclose it! This PAO said that a U-2 above 70,000 feet can detect targets on the ground as small as a jeep, including moving targets, can send signals and information to attack planes in the area, can show those planes exactly what the U-2 is seeing on its sensors and via its cameras, can pinpoint the exact location of these targets, etc. As a result of this information, the attack planes can move in and destroy the most threatening or biggest value target(s). This PAO also said the U-2 can send signals and photo images to ships over 1,000 miles away that can send a cruise missile to destroy the target(s). I was also told that the U-2 can send signals and photo images anywhere in the world that can receive such information. I was specifically told that a U-2 above 70,000 over Iraq can send very high quality digital pictures of what its cameras are seeing to thousands of US receptors in the world, including back at Beale AFB, in near real time, with all receivers enjoying extreme high resolution! Wow! Now, how would that make you feel if you were an Iraqi tank driver? If you are Sadam, knowing this, do you want to put your toe into Kuwait again? Probably not.

17. I later asked a U-2 squadron commander/pilot and another U-2 pilot about what this PAO said the U-2 could do. Both of these U-2 pilots told me that it was all true and none of this information was secret. They told me the Air Force, and the senior civilian leadership, elected to release this information because they are proud of it and Sadam and no one else has the capability to defeat this capability. They stressed that their reasoning was, and is, this: their hope is if our national adversaries know are capabilities, we will not have to fight. Instead, we can enjoy peace. They stressed the only vulnerable part is their communication frequencies, and they were confident that they were secure and would be for as long as they will still use U-2's.

18. Does this information intimidate me as a potential militia fighter? No. It sobers me but does not intimidate me. Those U-2's can be taken out on the ground or when they attempt to recover or their support facilities can be destroyed. Do I have any plans to do that? Certainly not. I love those planes. But if those planes are ever used to support oppression in this nation, I do not care that the US national insignia is painted on those planes.

19. The idea of being worried about government monitoring email and the Internet, etc. has merit. But it can also be used to our advantage. When government monitors detect that Freedom Movement Activists are in disarray, there is no consensus, there is no plan, no effective plan, they will not even exercise the First Amendment to communicate, to develop a plan, to improve a plan, what do you think those monitors and their bosses think of freedom activists? Do you think they hear the modern equivalent of the Apache's tom toms beating in the evening before the early AM attack on the cavalry? Of course not. But what if those monitors detected a radical shift in email and the Internet: Freedom activists have conceived of a plan, it is a good plan, they have found their "stones", a dramatic attitudinal shift has occurred, they have found their courage, they realize their awesome power, they have become the world's largest latent guerrilla force in waiting; and they are ready. Is it not probable that they would react along these lines: Oh, my God! Look what in the hell we have sowed! Hey, boss! We have a major problem on our hands!

20. So, I say those who act like lambs in their email and on the Internet are wrong. SAC was no lamb. SAC bought us peace because SAC was a lion. SAC was "meek". We need a militia that is meek. One early step toward a meek militia is one that communicates much more than it does now. And one that concentrates on ideas--not sniping at personalities, biting itself.

21. From this point of view, a meek militia is an intellectual militia that still tries to resolve this dispute with civil authority legally and peacefully. It is also one that simultaneously goes down a dual track--the SAC track, to develop retaliatory capability to restore the Constitutional rule of law and our rights should the intellectual wing of the new militia that I propose fail in its mission--peaceful reform and a peaceful restoration of rights.

22. If we do it right, we can psyche out anti-rights folks by manifesting a peaceful, latent guerrilla force in waiting that cannot be defeated so we can enjoy a restoration of rights via peace backed up with a meek militia held in check. But if we continue to act like lambs and communicate like lambs we will be processed as lamb chops.

23. I dearly hope that civil authority's monitors pick this up and/or that recipients send this email far and wide to stimulate deep thinking.


Peter Mancus

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