Speaking of Derailments.....
Marcus Warren
Speaking of Derailments.....
Sat Feb 21 15:19:11 2004

'Whites-Only' Scholarship
Divides US
By Marcus Warren
The Telegraph - UK

NEW YORK -- A "whites-only" scholarship set up as a prank by Republican students at an obscure New England university has ballooned into a cause clbre, with basic American themes such as race, equal opportunity and freedom colliding.

"Why shouldn't I do anything in my power to put myself in the best position possible?" asked Adam Noska, 20, after winning the 130 award at Roger Williams University in New England. "I'm a college student. I live in a house with rats." (what about the Faculty ?)

He had a point. But Mr Noska and his friends had also challenged one of the orthodoxies of today's United States: that everyone except the white majority is entitled to a hand up in life.

And they did so on the culture war's main battlefield, the university campus.

The application form for the scholarship deftly parodied the language of similar documents for black, Hispanic or American Indian students seeking financial help for their education.

"In 100 words or less, write why you are proud of your white heritage and explain what being white means to you," it read.

"Must attach recent picture to confirm whiteness. Evidence of bleaching will disqualify applicants."

It soon emerged that the student who devised the protest against the prevailing culture of affirmative action was one of its beneficiaries, to the amusement of the stunt's critics.

Jason Mattera, who founded the College Republicans two years ago, is the recipient of a 2,600 bursary for Hispanic students. It gave him "an inherent advantage over my white peers", he said.

His "whites-only" scholarship idea attracted so much support, some of it financial, that its value, originally a modest 26, was soon five times bigger.

But it riled many of the 3,000 students(?) on the campus and earned a rebuke from the local Rhode Island state Republican Party for its "racist overtones". (pantywastes)

The students "have just ignored history and turned blatantly, defiantly dumb", complained a columnist for a local newspaper. "They taken higher education (hemp is not legal on campus,yet) and brought it low."

Across America, talk show hosts and newspaper columnists went into a frenzy of agonising over the rights and wrongs of favouring ethnic minorities or, alternatively, the theme of young people today and their shameful ingratitude. (subsidizing stupidity has a downside...Look at Con-gress..and )

Its timing to coincide with Black History Month, when schools, academia and the press reflect on African-Americans only, made the debate more piquant. (Was George Washington an African?)

At the same time, the joke also reflected a shift in the political mood of young Americans both on and off campus. The era when students were, almost by definition, Left-leaning liberals is over. (Praise be to the Almighty - Maybe we can study Real History - What Tribe are the Jews From ?)

Now, according to the latest surveys, there are almost as many conservative as liberal students in higher education - but are they being exposed to factual information and can they THINK!- http://www.federalobserver.com/archive.php?aid=7193  === http://www.angelfire.com/az/sthurston/RealityZone.html  , a far cry from 30 years ago when they were outnumbered almost three to one. Faith - Hope - and Love. Keep Hope Alive ! To reach a true conclusion one must have true information; And be able to THINK.

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