Train carrying Military Equipment Derails
Train Carrying Military Equipment Derails
Sat Feb 21 02:43:50 2004

Authorities are trying to determine what caused a train to derail at Southwest Boulevard and Genessee Friday morning.

The train, which was carrying military equipment on its trip to Memphis, derailed just after 10 a.m., KMBC's Micheal Mahoney reported. Several cars tipped over. One of the cars jumped the track at a right angle, landing just a few feet away from the back of a building.

Several of the cars that tipped were carrying military vehicles. One car carried two Abrams tanks -- each weighing more than 60 tons. At least one of the tanks leaked diesel fuel after it tipped over. Emergency crews responded to clean up the mess.

Mahoney reported the cars did not have hazardous material placards like most trains carrying chemicals would.

Derailment specialists arrived at the scene around noon. It will take some time for them to transfer the military vehicles and repair the track.

There were apparently no injuries. It is unclear what may have caused the train to leave the tracks.


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