almost positive the OKC blast was a mini nuke
Harmon L. Taylor
almost positive the OKC blast was a mini nuke
Sat Feb 19, 2005 15:44


almost positive the OKC blast was a mini nuke

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Subject: [Fwd: Re: a likely suspect] OKC Bombing "perspective" update
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2005 06:36:27 -0600
From: Harmon L. Taylor
To: Legal Reality
19 February A.D. 2005

Good Morning!

To make one point, not long into the S-11 investigation, a certain
particular "national" journalist personally blasted away at me for
telling "the world" that Flight 93 (well, what passed as Flight 93) had
been shot down. (Shanksville, Pennsylvania).

I don't think that there's much room left for doubt that what passed as
Flight 93 was, in fact, blown out of the sky by at least one air-to-air

To make a directly related point, there was a source early on saying
that a nuke device was the actual source of explosive power that brought
down the Murrah Building. Nukes would be one of the most obvious
reasons for pouring yards and yards and yards of concrete into the
basement, THAT VERY NIGHT. Nukes would also be a KEY motive behind the
butcherous slaying of Officer Yeakey. Nukes would also be a very good
reason for keeping us distracted with misdirection plays as to who the
mystery "John Does" are. (As long as we chase rabbits, we don't focus
on the obvious.) Nukes would also be a very good reason for having that
dramatic rescue of those "known" explosive devices, while the victims
were allowed to suffer during that time. One of these days, we'll learn
that EVERYTHING we "see" is a very well planned misdirection play.
That's how the real magicians make their living.

When I circulated the concept of nukes a few months ago, several
chastised me for doing so, since the thought had not yet reached
"popular" acceptance.

As we reflect on the matters addressed here, we may want to venture
forth into the heretofore unpopular. Think about Waco. What better
reason to destroy the place with fire than to cover up not only the
shootings but also some other particular forms of murder that were
covered up by the use of the loudspeaker assault of all the animal
killing noises. The fire intended also to destroy that evidence. All
but the coroners would likely miss the traces of what actually killed
those people, and those children.

Here, what better reason to "hurry up" and destroy the "best evidence"
of the OKC Bombing, namely the building itself, than to cover up the
fact that a nuke-device had been used.

Legal reality follows closely on the heals of factual reality. We know
what Law to apply right after we determine what the pertinent facts are.

Harmon L. Taylor
Legal Reality

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Subject: Re: a likely suspect
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 14:14:40 -0600
From: Craig Roberts
To: Craig Roberts gmail

Damn Cannonman! This would explain a LOT! (and I don't mean "Lot" from
Soddom and Gomorrah).

I was almost positive the OKC blast was a mini nuke, but couldn't
pinpoint any references to one that small ever being manufactured. I
knew that the Dimona facility was working on nuke technology for the
Israelis (and was getting support from the Chinese and Pakistanis), and
in the 80s was being supported by a cash flow from the Medillin cartel
by way of Manual Noriega. Remember Amiram Nir and Michael Harari? They
were the Mossad agents assigned to body guard Noriega, and rake of
Israel's percentage of cocaine that came through Panama from Columbia
before it got to Honduras and Southern Air Transport/Iran contra players.

The dope that the Israelis got was funneled though "Sea Trader
Incorporated" fishing boats to Miami, and the cash went to BCCI, then to
Israel to fund Dimona.

BCCI gets busted, the Iran Contra affair happens, Clinton gets exposed
at Mena as part of the operation, which also included Operation
Watchtower (the funneling of cocaine through Texas by way of Zapata Oil
Company platforms owned by the Bush cartel), and then OKC all of a
sudden gets attacked. Hmmmm.

Then I get a call that the records of the Mena investigation by the IRS
and DEA in Arkansas were hidden in the Murrah Building for safe keeping.
And on day one, hour two, a team of 50 unmarked "agents" shows up to
remove boxes of records from the basement.

Then, there isn't enough ammonium nitrate detected at the site to
indicate anything, but tritium is shown in large amounts. So the blow
the building down, scoop it up and bury it and guard it inside a fenced
compound with Wachenhut guards.

Gee, what's wrong with this picture?

A golf-ball size nuke would be enough to do this, and a baseball size
would do the World Trade Center buildings. If they used tritium and
plutonium the traces of nuclear material after a few days or after a
rain, or large amounts of water from fire hoses, would be negligible.

Your're hot on a trail, my friend, keep me advised! And as my favorite
investigator said: "Come Watson, the Game's afoot!"


*Subject:* a likely suspect


In line with our recent conversation, I am beginning to think that
the micro-nuke mentioned here was the culprit behind the WTC
collapse. If this is so, Israel may play a bigger role than I thought.


by JOE VIALLS in Australia
February 16, 2005

Going beyond all the others, Vialls asserts that like the
Israeli False Flag micro-nuke bomb in Bali - the remotely detonated
bomb in Beirut, creating a 15 foot deep crater, was planted UNDER
the street in a sewer and was a sophisticated micro-nuke
manufactured at Dimona in Israel. The small Israelu micro-nukes
leave nearly undetectable radiation.
(Excerpt only)
*In a desperate attempt to slow down their forthcoming defeat
in Palestine, **J**ewish Special Forces micro-nuke former Prime
Minister Rafik Hariri, then instruct western media outlets to
falsely blame the atrocity on Syria.*

Best regards,



OKC Bombing Conspiracy Goes Mainstream
... the book "OTHERS UNKNOWN: Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing Conspiracy"
By ... It is my belief that the OKC was a ... As was the first WTC bombing and 9/11 ...

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