The Bullshit of Bush
The Bullshit of Bush
Wed Feb 18 10:02:22 2004
The Bullshit of Bush
Posted on: 2/16/2004 4:58:00 PM - Columnist

If the term "bullshit" offends you, then multiple your degree of
being offended by a thousand times. That is the degree that having Bush
in the white house as a representative of American offends me.

If people do not realize now what a lazy, corrupt, bum Bush is,
that his concerns are only for himself, and those who control him, then
those people are without a doubt people who have the reasoning power of
a piss ant just ran over by a tank.

Why cannot such people, as I know some must be at least of average
mental ability, recognize Bush for what he is - a non-leader that does
not have the ability, nor the inclination to rely on facts, and that has
no intention whatsoever of even pretending to support America.

Yes, he is a traitor to the America established by our founders.
That makes him a traitor to liberty, justice, and the truth.

He is as corrupt and deadly as any tyrant on this Earth has ever

He is a vile human being that somehow seems to have the ability to
throw a shroud over what is right before our eyes, preventing many from
seeing what has been obvious to millions of others even before he
brought scorn upon the office of the presidency, and the united States
of America. Other people around the globe see it as plainly as they see
their own hands but far too many Americans still dwell in the twilight
zone of ignorance when it comes to the lying scum occupying the white

Frankly, I don't give a damn if Bush knows I believe him to be the
worst representative of the American people ever. He is, and always has
been, a loser. What helped him is that the controllers knew how stupid
and easily manipulated Bush is - that is what got him the governorship
of Texas, and then his living in the white house, under the pretense of
his being in charge.

Well, Folks, this really ignorant man has led us into helping him
slaughter thousands upon thousands of innocent human beings, that had
nothing more than strive to live out their lives in peace, and as much
prosperity as they could glimmer from lands devastated by the US
Government and its unholy attacks on them.

How many deaths will it take before you stupid, ignorant bush
supporters realize what an idiot he truly is, and the damage he has done
to the untied States of America, our countries united supposedly in
common defense, but never to be an aggressive, killing machine taking
over other countries, their resources, and their people?

When are you stupid people writing of Bush's imaginary talents and
strength of will going to realize how utterly ridiculous the statements
you make supporting this fašade of a man are?

He has no will of his own, or if he does, then what you try to
build him up to be, cannot possibly be the truth. If any of it were
true, he would be able to face people who demand answers from him
instead of depending on "the white house says".

He would be able to fact those that oppose him and the America he
is turning our union into, a State that believes it is God's will that
we destroy all other people who disagree with our so-called leadership
and that we have the right because we are so pure and good that it is
okay for us to kill thousands upon thousands of people in the attempt to
force them into compliance to edicts from the evildoers filling the
District of Columbia.

But, you see, Bush can't face his opposition, just as he could not
face the enemy in Vietnam. He is a lying chickenshit (if this term
offends you, see the first sentence) that relies on liars and spinners
from his force of anti-Americans - you know, Zionists, IMF, CFR, and
others set to destroy America - and the media lapdogs that are afraid to
print or speak the truth about this man and how he became president.

God, will the shame that has been brought upon our people by Bush,
Cheney, and the rest of the dirty rotten traitors filling the Bush
Cartel of thieves and evildoers never end?

Some people say he should apologize. The hell with that. He
should be impeached, tried for treason, and then given to the world to
be tried as a war criminal.

Right along with him should be Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Powell,
Rove, Wolfowitz, Perle, and all the rest of the war mongers that pushed
for and allowed the attacks on both Afghanistan (they knew Afghanis had
nothing to do with WTC) and Iraq.

By the way, guess that should include the justices that put this
bunch in power behind their appointed guy - Bush - and the whole of the
Congress that illegally gave Bush the authority to bomb the crap out of
other countries, slaughtering and maiming the people.

What a country we have become, a source of shame for all the world
to see, a place that has changed from America the Beautiful to America
the Ugly Slut of Corporate Corruption.

Pardon me while I go puke

By Ed Lewis

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