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Take Action - Oppose Escalation of the Iraq War
Tue Feb 13, 2007 23:14

Take Action - Oppose Escalation of the Iraq War
Today, House Democrats introduced a resolution that, in simple language, represents a vote of no confidence in the Bush Administration's policy in Iraq. This is the first opportunity House Republicans have had to join us and oppose the president's failed policy, and that's sending shockwaves through the White House.
Just like the overwhelming majority of Americans, many Republicans know escalation of the war in Iraq is wrong, and they're willing to break party lines to stop it. As one GOP Congressman from Maryland put it, "my internal soul goes a lot beyond my minuscule political career."
But the Republican leadership is doing everything it can to protect the President's escalation plan by working to get wavering Republicans to tow the party line. That's why we all need to speak up and remind House Republicans where the American people stand -- it's the job of Congress to represent us, and a bipartisan rejection of the White House's plan to escalate our involvement in Iraq will demonstrate just how far this president and the rest of the GOP leadership have drifted from mainstream America.
Remind them by adding your name right now:
This war is no longer what George Bush sold the American people. There are no WMD's in Iraq. Saddam Hussein is dead. Our troops are mired in a deadly, full-blown civil war. And the president couldn't be more out of touch; he wants to escalate our involvement with 21,500 more brave men and women.
The vast majority -- 70% -- of Americans disagree. They demanded a new direction on Iraq in the 2006 elections, and they're demanding that Congress stops this escalation and start ending this war.
The Republican leadership in Congress has put protecting an escalation of the war at the top of their agenda. Senate Republicans refuse to even have a debate about it. For them, it's not about what the American people want -- only what the president thinks he needs. There's one powerful interest silencing Republicans in Congress right now, and it's headquartered at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Add your name now:
For over a decade, the Republican leadership in Congress refused to allow serious debate on important issues, even keeping a muzzle on its members -- and the American people. Here's just a sample of what was ignored, day in and day out:
We have lost enough young people in this war, and we are not winning it with force. The money that we are pouring into Iraq could be educating our young people. They will be the ones that pay for this war.
-- Martha W., CA
President Bush created the mess in Iraq, and al Qaeda was NOT there before we invaded. We keep sending our young men there to be killed but things keep getting worse... We have to find a way for ALL the American people to wake up, see what is happening, and let their voices be heard.
-- Donna M., FL
Those are just a couple of the comments we've received from thousands of Americans. What do you have to add?
It's time for Americans everywhere -- no matter the party -- to stand with the Democrats in Congress and oppose escalation in Iraq.
Thank you,
Governor Howard Dean, M.D.
"Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government." --- James Madison.

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