Subject: America Wake Up
Sat Feb 3, 2007 21:34

Subject: America Wake Up

This is interesting…More then just interesting, scarry. Is this really going on now?, and who is an Islam Congressman? Why will he not answer the question about to whom he has sworn his alledgence to? We need to find out, it should be a must to know more then is known now!!!

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From The Colonel

IMAGINE; America is a benevolent culture. How can we inform the American people that the hundreds of thousands of deaths occurring in the Mid-East is the equivalent by our terrorist enemy, to our WWII STRATEGY TO BREAK [ by different means] THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE, I REPEAT, IS THE EQUIVALENT OF THE CARPET BOMBING OF GERMANY AND JAPAN DESIGNED TO BREAK THEIR WILL. We are caught in the paradox of BENEVOLENT POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. We can't carpet bomb because so many innocent people will be killed in the process of breaking their WILL; on the other hand, the terrorist are doing the equivalent thing as our carpet bombing by killing everyone in their way, on horse back against farmers, terrorizing civilians in the cities to insure support and recruiting success. This is their brilliant strategy. Can you imagine what would have happen if we tried to only target the Nazi Party in WWII. The support base for full scale conflict is PEOPLE.

Wake Up America.
Subject: America Wake Up William Lunsford, Sat Feb 3 21:34

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