Cathy Garger
The Scoop on BIG DU Explosions near San Francisco..
Thu Feb 8, 2007 18:38


The Scoop on BIG DU Explosions near San Francisco..

The City Council of Tracy, CA with the deadly Site 300 of Livermore National Lab only one mile from its border, voted 3 to 1 to NOT oppose the large 350 pound open-air explosion blasts that include Depleted Uranium - and could include Tritium, as well.

Hopefully if you are on this list, you are interested in doing more than merely learning about Depleted Uranium. I imagine that some of you are thinking, sure, I think it is just awful that they are blasting that stuff out into the open air around 7 million people. But my guess is that you could be thinking, what can I, just one person, actually DO to help???

First please know that they are NOT just blasting the radioactive poison dust and gas into the greater SF Bay Area with 7 million people. If they were doing just that in and of itself, it would be bad enough. But Busby and Morgan showed in February, 2005

that the radiation from the Shock & Awe campaign upon Baghdad traveled through the winds 2,500 miles away into England - within only 9 days!

The Livermore, CA National Lab's Site 300 radioactive blasts do NOT just stay neatly inside the greater SF Bay area. Radiation in the form of an aerosol - uranium oxide - travels in the winds, up to Canada, down to Mexico, and even east to the mid-Atlantic and northern US. It all depends on which way the winds blow on the days the radioactive blasts are conducted.

What do you think of the poison-gassing of Americans? Am I the only one that is bothered? Do you think that Americans would be more than a bit ticked off if they found out? Not long ago I asked an audience in my area (there to see the film Beyond Treason) if they thought that most Americans have ANY IDEA whatsoever that in several locations around the US, radioactive explosions containing materials such as Depleted Uranium and Tritium are taking place, and that Depleted Uranium is also being burned out in the open air?

The audience overwhelming yelled out in unison, NO! NONE of them in the room knew about this - AND THIS WAS A GROUP OF PEACE ACTIVISTS!

If you do not know what I am talking about, some references are:

I urge this group to think about this... and talk about this. Feel free to write me offlist if you'd like to. I am wondering what effective things do you think that ordinary citizens could do?

Thanks for your thoughts. I know some of you are already very busy working on this. But for the rest, I would like to hear what ideas do you think we should pursue?

As far as stopping the wars goes? I know for a fact that my members of Congress do not listen to my letters nor phone calls. It is as if they are acting like robots for the War Machine. But this is different. This is the use of Depleted Uranium INSIDE the United States upon our OWN citizens... *quite* on purpose.

Your thoughts?

Cathy Garger

Help the US become Radiation Free by 2033!

Cathy Garger

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