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We the People of this still great country are Constitutionalists and require all public servants, including judges, to abide by their oaths in the performance of their official duties, including those before the court. This protects the American Citizens from government and court abuse.

Since the Constitution cannot conflict with itself, the limited powers delegated to government by the Constitution can never supersede the powers of and Rights guaranteed in the Constitution to The American People. “Authority” is an extremely important word and concept. Government and the courts without Constitutional authority can conduct nothing lawful, and government has no authority to disparage your Rights. Keep “authority” in mind as you review the following statements and questions.


1. A. Your Honor and the prosecutor have taken oaths of office to support and uphold the Constitution of the united States of America and that of this state. Is that correct?

B. Pursuant to your oaths, you are required to abide by those oaths, in the performance of your official duties, including those before this Honorable Court. Is that correct?

2. I, Jeffrey Louis Gonzales, hereby notify this Honorable Court that I am a living, breathing, natural-born American Citizen, with, and claiming, all Rights guaranteed to me in the federal and state Constitutions, and with my name properly spelled in upper and lower case letters, not as it appears on the court documents.

Is there any objection to what I just stated?

3. This court abides by all the powers of and Rights guaranteed to American Citizens in the federal and state Constitutions, including due process of law. Is that correct?

4. I am presumed innocent of all aspects of the alleged charges, presumptions and assumptions in, by and of this court, unless proven guilty by a well-informed jury of my peers, beyond a reasonable doubt, based solely on verified evidence and proof. Is that correct?

5. A. “Proof” consists of verified and demonstrated evidence, and not opinion, especially opinion unsupported by fact, law and evidence. Is that correct?

B. “Beyond a reasonable doubt” consists solely of decisions and verdicts from a well-informed jury of my peers based entirely on proof that absolutely and conclusively confirms guilt, without any reservations or questions, whatsoever, from the jury. Is that correct?

6. Opinion from any witness or prosecuting attorney unsupported and unverified by fact, law and proven evidence is simply opinion, and opinion, as previously established, is not proof or factual evidence. Is that correct?

7. A. Since I am guaranteed a fair and impartial trial, how is that possible when you, the presiding judge, the prosecuting attorney and all the witnesses against me work for and are paid by the state that is the plaintiff in this case, and my opponent? In this situation, it is impossible for me to have a fair trial. Is that correct?

B. Further, any data used against me is obtained from sources who, are also paid by the state, the same plaintiff against me. At minimum, conflict of interest takes place.

8. Since I am presumed innocent of the charges and all aspects, presumptions and assumptions of those charges and this court, I have challenged the jurisdiction of this court, which this court has not proven, on the public record. Therefore, since I am presumed innocent of all aspects of the charges and presumptions of the court, and since jurisdiction has not been proven, jurisdiction is simply a presumption of this court, of which I am presumed innocent. Furthermore, no official Oath of Office can be located anywhere, nor has one been put on the public record. Therefore, I move for dismissal of all charges and/or warrants for lack of jurisdiction. Pursuant to the foregoing, and to numerous federal and Supreme Court rulings, this case must be dismissed and any warrant recalled, with full prejudice, and I hereby move for dismissal of all charges and this case, with full prejudice.

Failure to respond to this formal written notice, dated January 23, 2007, within 30 days in written format with Proof of Service to the undersigned, constitutes and validates your fraud and failure to honor your Oath of Office. Furthermore, all said charges, judgments, warrants and/or claims against Jeffrey Louis Gonzales, is null and void, without force or effect or lawful power. Any further harassment of Jeffrey Louis Gonzales by this court or any of its officers will be construed as intentional harm, with malice and the conscious intent of inflicting both physical and mental harm to the defendant-in-error in this matter. Copies of this document along with the attached documents will be sent to the Office of Judicial Administrations, Washington DC in the event that justice is not reached.

Respectfully submitted,

All Rights Reserved

Jeffrey L. Gonzales, American Citizen


I certify that on this ____ day of January 2007, a true and exact copy of the aforesaid Motion was sent, first class postage prepaid, by U.S. mail, to Justin W. Wayment, ESQ. and Honorable, Kenneth H. Adams, 51 East 400 North, PO Box 1808, Cedar City, Utah 84721.


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All Rights Reserved

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