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OUCH! Tough Crowd. YOU ARE CORRECT. The historical backgroun
Sun Feb 11, 2007 22:07

OUCH! Tough Crowd. YOU ARE CORRECT. The historical background constitution does not cover PBS directly. It only states that the fed is responsible for making sure the Constitutions workings, citizen rights, related info, etc., are taught in schools.

Indeed, this was a very poor choice for a first post and should have been talked about prior. Just kinda busy and threw something set up out.

But, IMO, our current NO REAL INFORMATION corporate media system is NOT condoned by the Constitution. I was looking at it as an avenue for truth dispersal, WHICH IT ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT HAVE TO BE. But, is definitely an area we need in view of our current situation. This is a very technical area regarding HBC and should have been debated prior. In order for it to be strictly Constitutional, techically, it would have to have as it's main required agenda the teachings of rights, citizen responses to insure citizens are aware, etc.

Had we had this discussion prior and thought about it. I would not have submitted the post, without apporval.

As stated, the HBC only deals with most of the government problems. There are gray areas that even the HBC does not address. My apologies, I screwed up.

So technically, YOU ARE CORRECT. I reluctantly accept your
resignation if that is what you want to do. Another point that should be addressed. No one is forcing you by your membership to send out anything, whether you have something that must be done, computer problems, phone problems, etc. No one is checking on what you send out. No one is going to say, hey you did not send this out today. GET OUT.

Thank you for your honesty and committment to the constitution.

For this to have gone out as a first message was a poor choice on my part AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN ADDRESSED PRIOR.

UPDATE. Unfortunately, subsequent posts by this poster have shown more than honesty and committment to the Constitution as his main agenda - Spreadying of BS and disharmony.


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