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Posse Comitatus Act
Source: G-OPL

"POSSE COMITATUS ACT" (18 USC 1385): A Reconstruction Era criminal law proscribing use of Army (later, Air Force) to "execute the laws" except where expressly authorized by Constitution or Congress. Limit on use of military for civilian law enforcement also applies to Navy by regulation. Dec '81 additional laws were enacted (codified 10 USC 371-78) clarifying permissible military assistance to civilian law enforcement agencies--including the Coast Guard--especially in combating drug smuggling into the United States. Posse Comitatus clarifications emphasize supportive and technical assistance (e.g., use of facilities, vessels, aircraft, intelligence, tech aid, surveillance, etc.) while generally prohibiting direct participation of DoD personnel in law enforcement (e.g., search, seizure, and arrests). For example, Coast Guard Law Enforcement Detachments (LEDETS) serve aboard Navy vessels and perform the actual boardings of interdicted suspect drug smuggling vessels and, if needed, arrest their crews). Positive results have been realized especially from Navy ship/aircraft involvement.


A UN armored personnel carrier was used at the siege of
Fort Davis, Texas in April May of 1997 along with
the 'blacked' Black Hawk helicopter(s) - suposedly
sent from Fort Hood.

One wonders what the first language of the driver of that
UN battle wagon was?

The tanks and helocopter(s) and machine-guns used at WACO
were all Military Implements of War.

Thus and cllearly, the Posse Comitatus Act does not supercede
unrescinded General Orders 100 of 24 April 1863.

FIND it. Read it.

That is the law of the land - which explains why
everyone involved in both attacks on American civilians,
and/or Texas nationals, got promoted.


There are NO Statutes of Limitations on the Crimes of Genocide!

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