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Hello John,

Thank you very much for sending out this APB on our rally. And I will take the time to share the credit for our efforts with Charles Key, the OKBIC members, Harmon Taylor of Dallas, TX and Lisa / Victor with of State College, PA who initiated the idea of the rally in the first place.

If I might add, I am working with Victor and Lisa my colleagues here in Oklahoma and Texas to schedule a speakers forum to follow within days of the rally. As the details of that forum are confirmed, advance notices will be posted accordingly on the internet and e-mail address lists.

All of us are intelligent enough to understand that we cannot change what has already occurred here. What we can [and must] change is how U.S. History will record this horrific event.

Unfortunately, it has become painfully obvious that the men and women who were responsible for investigating this case to the best of their ability have failed miserably at doing so. Some by capitulation to their supervisors commands. Others by deliberate choice.

And it is on that note that I ask all of your colleagues to show up to support us here in OKC.

We will be calling for an independent re-investigation of this case. Starting with Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry's office all the way to the White House in D.C. Anything short of that goal is unacceptable.

And lastly, why should anyone of us be asked to remember the deaths of the OKC bombing victims in a lie? [As is the case with the Waco, TWA 800 and 911 victims too.]

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible. If not in person, then by e-mail.

Chris Emery
Oklahoma City, OK

From: John Kaminski
Date: 2005/02/09 Wed PM 02:15:17 EST
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Subject: OKC anniversary

A group of dedicated researchers is planning an event on and around
April 19, 2005, the tenth anniversary of the bombing of the Murrah
building in Oklahoma City, to draw attention to the bogus story that
has been rammed down our throats by a corrupt government and its stooge
media. Organizer Chris Emery and veteran OKC watchers Harmon Taylor,
Jerry Longspaugh, Charles Key, Craig Roberts and Pat Shannan will be
among those in attendance. Also, Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani from
WING-TV as well as myself will be on hand to shed whatever light we can
on the lies that have been told over the past ten years.
The reason I'm writing this is to suggest that this might be an
excellent time to make an appearance and publicize this event. I know a
number of you occasionally do remote broadcasts, and this would not
only afford an excellent opportunity to interview those who know some
of the REAL story about Oklahoma City, but it would give you additional
credibility with your audience in doing the great job you are doing.
The format of the forum to be held will probably not be revealed too
much in advance of the actual event in order to minimize resistance
from government fascists who may not take kindly to this type of event.
But now is the time to decide if you want to participate, and maybe
have a hand in rekindling public interest in this great atrocity and
coverup that has been perpetrated on the honest people of the heartland
and throughout America.
RSVP to Chris Emery at the address above if you want to attend.
Chris Emery

Best wishes,
John Kaminski


Oklahoma City Bombing
... David Hall, the general manager of KPOC-TV in Oklahoma claims that ... workers in the
federal building who assert they were told to expect a bombing on April 19 ...


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